Who remembers Choplifter? While getting my links ready for this post I discovered that it was a computer game before an arcade game which is quite unusual. It wasn’t until after I played it in the arcade back in the 80’s that I then played it on the C64 (I think it was the Commodore). My older brother introduced me to it, and although it was yet another game that I wasn’t particularly good at I enjoyed the concept of being a rescue pilot dodging death in a hot LZ.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 now allows me to relive the 80’s in glorious 3D HD but with a much more immersive experience than pumping my ten pence pieces into an ungrateful gaming cabinet that would reward me by shooting me out of the sky with a tank – an event that is not only illogical, but also pretty ludicrous.

I like piloting the helicopters in BFBC2, although the one you come across most often is the BlackHawk which means that unless you have an ace gunner on board you’re not going to get many points for being a glorified taxi driver. However, the points don’t matter when you’ve got a tidy squad with you and you use the helicopter as a troop transport and mobile spawn point:

Effective use of the Blackhawk can allow you to quickly out manoeuvre the enemy, spot their positions or provide a distraction and/or covering fire while your team get the objectives secured and quickly flank areas that would be difficult to approach by land.

Helicopters rock.

I’ve also uploaded the Valparaiso game to dropbox:

It’s a 1gig file and runs for 28 minutes.

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “Choplifter

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  2. “Thanks for the ride!”


    “Spawning on you again!”

    I think we should have softened up their defences first before dropping out or we could have tried dropping behind them perhaps. It definitely helps to have a mobile spawn point in the air though!

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