The M60 – Still a “noob cannon” (BFBC2)

Prepatch, if you used the M60 (Medic kit), especially with Magnum Ammo then you ran the risk of being labelled a “noob”. It never happened to me, despite my much documented desire to abuse the M60 for all it was worth before the patch nerfed it. Mike suffered the abuse for using the M60, but then he seems to get abuse no matter what weapon he uses…..

One thing he’s commented on a couple of times in game is that since the patch came out he’s noticed MORE people using the M60. I don’t think I play as much as Mike so can’t really say how statistically true this is, and I don’t pay that much attention to who kills me with what. But one thing is for sure – the M60 has not been patched as strongly as expected. This can be seen from the following post patch stats from Den Kirson (I love you Den):

Stats from Den Kirson's site (Link above)

As you can see, despite lowering the top and lower base damage stats the M60 still has the highest damage per bullet in the Medic class. Admittedly, it does have the lowest fire rate, but considering the increased spray inaccuracy that has been introduced with the patch this is a minor issue as bullets still have to hit to count.

Effectively, this means that the M60 is STILL the most powerful Medic gun which means it is STILL in the realms of noob-dom (if your thinking is that way inclined).

So to all those people who deliberately handicapped themselves and their teams by refusing to use the M60 prepatch in the misguided notion of FPS honour, but are now using it: You noobs!

To everyone else – your job is to win. Pick up the most effective and deadly combination you can, get in the helicopters, get in the tanks, saddle up a heavy MG and annihilate the self harmers. If you receive messages proclaiming your noob-dom, make sure you thank them for watching your victory via the kill cam.

It’s just a game, play it YOUR way.

Peas and loaves.

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14 thoughts on “The M60 – Still a “noob cannon” (BFBC2)

  1. Yeah, it’s still the king of the LMGs but I hate the recoil on it. It’s still the gun I got most kills with however, but I think the AN-94 will eclipse that in a few hours play. 🙂

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  3. The matchmaking system puts me against players around the 22 – 45 rank and when I get killed by a medic they are mostly using the M60 or the MG3 Spectra with only 1 or 2 Stars.
    That to me, shows people are only using the M60 after the patch because it isn’t a noob gun any more. So I totally agree with what you say. It is still a “noob” gun but a noob gun you can use because it has been patched. It only takes a couple more bullets to kill you so not much change I think and the stats don’t lie.

    The word “noob” is the gaming worlds “chav”. Both words that idiots use.

    • To back this up even more check out wings new vid he done on the Xbox and guess what he is using the M60. This is the man who stop playing the game because of the M60. Not a noob gun any more I don’t thinks so

      • My Bullshit-o-Meter just exploded. WoR really is completely full of shit. Yup, good flanking there…. pointless, but yes, he did flank the other team who have infinite respawns. Way to go – what a pro!

        How many MComs did the “winning squad” go for? One…. and he didn’t even show the final two stations even though they only took “40 seconds to git”.

        Mike – I’m not watching any more WoR videos. They make me cry inside.

      • LOL, ok sorry to put you through that again but every time I watch one, which is very really now he just talks rubbish.
        Sorry again. Lets never speak of him again 🙂

      • He annoys me too but I’ve never used those flanking routes so they’re something to consider for future use 🙂

        PS. I had hoped both of you would be online this evening but I played a few games with strangers, with mixed results.

  4. Mike, numberSix and I used that flank route the night we played that map, if you continue left you mysteriously explode though.

    I also liked/hated the BS when he’s on about using vehicles as he drives past the Bradley on a quad…. and how they were down to 10 tickets when the members of his team who know how to play the game finally managed to get the last M-Com station without any real support from Team Douche.

    I had hoped to go on last night, but the tiny terror had other ideas about where our attention should be until almost midnight.

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