MW2 Resurgence Map Pack

Robert Bowling AKA fourzerotwo, the Creative Strategist for Infinity Ward discusses the upcoming DLC. Due for release to Xbox users on June 3rd 2010 and then at some later time for PS3 and PC users, the map pack contains three new maps, and two recycled “fan favourites” from Call of Duty 4.

The new maps are Fuel, Carnival, and Trailer Trash Park. The recycled maps (IW/Activision being eco-friendly?) are Strike and Vacant.

I’ll be sure to get this as soon as I pick up the Stimulus Pack….. so maybe never.

Peas and loaves.

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9 thoughts on “MW2 Resurgence Map Pack

    • Hahaha – you’ve still got play the maps you’ve already bought.

      The ironic thing is that they’re releasing these recycled CoD4 maps when many players have already turned their backs on MW2 and gone back to CoD4.

      But I suppose it’s easier (more profitable) for them to release map packs than to resolve issues people have with the game. Even if they just created some sort of MLG playlist to shut up the whingers would be a major step in the right direction.

  1. I don’t understand the logic behind paying at least 25% of the full game price per map pack. If you get this second one as well you’d have paid at least 50% extra for a handful of maps in a game that is still broken and will never not be broken.

    • I look at it as time not money. I just bought Red Dead Redemption and I would more get gameplay and enjoyment with a bag of spanners. Full game, will apparently be bug-fixed and it’s duller than a brick.
      MW2 I have played close to 9 days. If I buy maps (I haven’t yet) and play for even 2 hours I have better value than for that new game. It’s not money, it’s about the enjoyment obtained.

      To use my favourite game: Burnout Paradise. Bought the Party, bought the Island, Cops/Robbers and the mini cars/bike. No idea what it adds up to but I have played 500 hours so at that rate – like the maps for some – it will work out very cheap.

      • Let’s say you’ve played vanilla MW2 for ten days for $60. What you’re saying is that a handful of maps are worth another five full days of play given that they cost $30. That or MW2 should have cost $120+ on its own. In either case, somewhere along the line the equation is skewed.

        Whatever the case and whatever you pay for or don’t pay for, it’s still incredibly lame that IW/Activision are releasing non-free maps but aren’t fixing bugs and exploits and balance problems. Yeah, if the gamers are dumb enough to do it then they’re making a good business move, but that doesn’t make it any less underhanded.

      • 2 points:
        1. game is $60, I play for 6 days so that’s £10/day. If I have played for 4 hours that is $2.50 an hour. I would say that MW2 would be more time so that hourly rate for entertainment drops.
        I am not talking about overall cost, I am talking about entertainment per dollar. Some people will pay to go to the movies and say it’s great, some to concerts, races etc. The concept of value is individual.
        I am saying that if I enjoy the game then $30 for maps is not a problem because I know for the amount of time I will enjoy playing it is a no-brainer. I already have played the game, I know what I am buying.

        2. Paid for DLC is whole a different ball game and to be honest warrants a post on it’s own. I don’t call it DLC – I call it a family tax because that is how it affects me.

      • How do the map packs differentiate from DLC – they are by their nature Down Loadable Content. Or do you refer to DLC as the pointless add-ons like customisable trousers that add no real value to your gaming experience other than to show other people that you’re willing to pay £1.50 for some fancy pants?

      • Premium avatars, funky trousers I see as a nonsense “Yes I can spare that cash”. DLC I see as game enhancing.

        Screw-you-DLC are BC2 maps which are per account only. Not machine but account. MW2 maps are per machine.

        Going OT – my girls both play MW2 and do so very well. Youngest KDR is 1.48 with 12k+ kills. Anyway, cost to me – 1 game, 1 set maps.
        BC2 cost would be 1 game, 2 VIP codes, 3 DLC. That’s why I call what we are moving into now as a family tax. Same for Modnation Racers on the PSP – 1 game, 2 online codes extra.

        I do not on principle mind DLC. I absolutely mind it though when the game is released in such a way that it is almost content crippled at the start. And I get very annoyed that every other console is pirated yet the piracy-free ps3 owners are paying for it. (more OT there..)

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