Weeklyish Update #8

Not had a lot going on over the past week and a bit due to a mix of the summer weather and The Tiny Terror. For those not aware, the TV I use for gaming is the family TV which means that I’m limited to when I can play. This is usually either when The Tiny Terror has gone to sleep, or when everyone else has gone to bed. Recently though The Tiny Terror has decided that his “giving in” time is not going to be until after 11pm. By this point I’ve been too tired to do anything (this post has actually taken three days to write….).

So here’s the diddley-oh:

Thanks Geoff (gotta be done). Sorted out the settings for recording and everything is going swimmingly on the whole…. although I seem to have a problem where it randomly locks up if I record for more than 25 continuous minutes. I don’t know if it’s down to my equipment or an issue with the PVR itself, but looking at the help forums it seems that there is a certain amount of flakiness associated with it. But I can’t categorically say it the PVR that is at fault. Testing continues.

I’ve posted some vids from the PVR on to YouTube including two commentaries that have been fairly well received. No negative comments as yet telling me I suck, or my voice is gay, or the YouTube classic – that I should go kill myself. So it’s all good.

My subscribers are now up to a heady 46. To be honest I’m happy with the tidy subscribers that I have. Quality over quantity any day. I’m not particularly interested in accommodating the average negative sullen YouTuber who thinks everything is ‘gay’. I’d prefer that my channel have a positive atmosphere with supportive contributions (supportive to each other, not just to me). That’s not to say that people can’t have a negative point of view – I like a good discussion, but criticisms have to be constructive.

YouTube Subscriptions
I went through my YouTube subscriptions list the other night and removed a number of YouTubers from there for different reasons. Mainly those who I’d added a long time ago when they only had a couple of videos up…… and nothing had changed. I’ve also removed a couple of people who I felt weren’t producing content that was up to scratch, or not particularly enjoyable to watch. I didn’t make any of these decisions on a whim – the majority of the people I removed had been in my sights for a while.

Shockingly I’ve also unsubscribed from Junkyard129, TheKenBurtonShow and Ken’sDailyRant channels. The reason being that they’re not posting gameplays. I link this blog to my subscription list for people to visit and watch gaming content, so they don’t fit any more. Their gameplays are on Machinima Respawn anyway – which is still linked so it’s no biggy. I still support the [KEN] campaign, and still enjoy Junkyard’s commentaries – so good luck with the YouTube partnership guys.

Kontrol Feeks
A while back there was a sudden surge in interest regarding Kontrol Freek FPS nubbins – mainly due to YouTubers posting reviews and pimping referal codes. I decided to test out the concept by making my own. My testing was documented in this post.

Well, the guys at Kontrol Freek picked up on my post and ultimately took pity on my cheap skate ways:

Many thanks to the guys at KontrolFreek.com

They sent me for testing and review purposes not only the FPS Freeks, but also the Speed Freeks – awesome! I’ll be doing testing of both products over the next week or so, and reviews to follow.

That reminds me, I should post about testing Lamborghini aerodynamic and handling properties using a 1994 Ford Fiesta modified using tin cans, cling film and go faster stripes……

As already mentioned I’ve not been on much this week due to family commitments. I’m hoping that changes, but currently is looks like the Tiny Terror is coming down with some random Summer lurg. I also have some game issues that I need to test/record as well which brings us neatly on to…..

Coming up
I’ve got a BFBC2 Arica Defense commentary in the works – it’s a three parter, and just needs to be commentated…. so a soon as I get some quiet time at a reasonable hour I’ll get that done and up. The first part will definitely be up by the end of the week.

I’ll also be hopping on to Modern Warfare 2 to revisit my No Scoping / Quick Scoping posts that I made a while back (searchy searchy if you’re not aware of them). I’ll be doing this as I got a message from a guy who is a quick scoper and was looking to prove the legitimacy of quickscoping. Unfortunately he’s on Xbox so can’t help me directly with the testing, but I hope he’ll provide some feedback on the results. Although I am critical of quick scoping, I certainly don’t believe that it is skill less (like No Scoping). The tests that I’ll be making will be related to the aim assist in-game mechanics and how they influence quick scoping.

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3 thoughts on “Weeklyish Update #8

  1. Freebies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are coming up in the world. When you get that Lambo give me a call and we can take it for a drive please 🙂

    Looking forward to more vids

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