(Video) BFBC2 Arica Harbour Part 1/3

Donncha, Mike and I attempt to hold off the enemy horde on Arica Harbour in this three part video. In part one here Mike and I take control of a tank and attempt to stop the enemy from proceeding in to the base. Although we succeed in doing that the base is ultimately destroyed because of a miscommunication on our squad and a complete lack of interest from the rest of the team.

Part two can be found here

Peas and loaves.

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4 thoughts on “(Video) BFBC2 Arica Harbour Part 1/3

  1. I think I remember this game. I got killed by the engineer in Bravo who set the bomb there. I spawned over by the AT gun I think and had to run all the way back to find nobody defusing the crate.

    Hope they had a great game of Sudoko. Perhaps they had all stopped for a cup of tea and were crowded around a thermos flask in one of the out buildings. Bet they had chocolate biscuits too!

    PS. On video posts like this, do you prefer comments on Youtube or here? Or do you care?

    • I saw you heading in for the defuse and thought that Mike had gotten the planter with the tank gun which is why we buggered off. It was only when I noticed the base flashing really fast that we had that comms moment… err did you get the defuse? And that’s when I reversed the tank back up, but it was too late.

      Would have been nice if the rest of the team had put down their chocolate digestives to help out though….

      As for commenting – doesn’t really matter. It’s easier to have proper comments here as there’s no word limit, but a quick message on YouTube would be appreciated as more comments means more visibility.

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