Disputing YouTube Copyright

Today I decided to re-upload the StoneFaceLock mini-edit that I did a while back. I had taken it down because of the copyright strike made against me by Twentieth Century Fox.

However, while doing some cleaning out in my video source folder I came across the SFL edit and thought “Dammit that’s too good to get rid of” and so added my copyright bits to it and re-uploaded it. Straight away the YouTube content matching service sent me an email notifying me that all or part of the content is owned or licensed to UMG (Universal Music Group?).

So I’ve disputed it:

I’m not claiming to have written the song, but I am claiming fair use. So we’ll see what happens.

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “Disputing YouTube Copyright

  1. Good luck disputing that! StoneFaceLock’s latest video has lots of Slipknot tunes but it’s still there 6 hours later.

    I wonder how he gets away with it?

    • The content matching doesn’t pick everything up. I’d imagine that Slipknot is not high on their list of protection.

      They haven’t blocked the video or anything – it’s just more of a polite warning that they can invoke the hammer of smite at any time.

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