Game Results 29-05-2010

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Before I went on to Battlefield last night I spent some time in a private lobby on MW2 to get some footage for a quick scope/no scope video that I’ll be bringing out in a couple of days (time permitting).

It was about 11pm when I finally got to BFBC2 and was all on my lonesome. So I went in to Squad Deathmatch as usual. There were a couple guys on the mic but I had to mute them as one of them had their mic open all the time and they were Polish. Not that I have anything against Poles, but theirs is a language that I do not understand at all (hmmm have to add ‘learn Polish’ to my to do list).

After a while Silent Dave popped up as being online. Then there was a moment when I shot him as he’d joined the game on one of the other squads – he got me back later when I was in a tank and he surrounded it with anti-tank mines.

I think we played two rounds and then he showed as being offline, as I wasn’t having a particularly enjoyable time in the SDM anyway I decided to have a go at Conquest. I don’t tend to play that game mode, and don’t really understand it – I know you’ve got capture the flags like in Domination, but the tickets systems doesn’t make sense to me. SD tried to explain it to me, and I’m sure he explained it very well, but in game my mind is like a sieve.

Anyway, they shouldn’t call it Conquest, they should call it Spawn Killers. I don’t have a problem spawning in a ‘random’ location and being killed by someone who is travelling through that area – it happens to me, and I’ve also been the person doing the killing when an opposing player has appeared in front of me. It annoying, but not something worth complaining about – no spawn system is ever perfect. But when the team spawns are in a set location it is open to abuse by a couple of douches with shotguns who sit there waiting for people to spawn.

That’s why I teabag the hell out of them for their killcam when I get them.

And if SDM is where you find all the MW2 players, Conquest is where the really bad players go…. well, the players on our “team” anyway. SD and I jumped in a tank with some other guy driving…… I say driving, what I mean is that he was in the drivers seat. Eventually we had to bail five yards from where we started as the RPGs started coming in.

Talking of bad teams….. after the pain that was Conquest we decided to have a go at Rush – sure, there were only two of us for a squad, but how bad could it be? We joined a game on Laguna Presa and we were at the second base(?) – the one with the bridge, A is in a green demountable and B in a building next to the bridge….. anyway, we got the plant on A (SD and I…. no one else – but B had been destroyed so, hooray) but got killed. After a couple failed pushes we spawned back at base and there was a Bradley there so we took it.

The idea was that we’d tie up the enemy and our team would get the idea and push up, get the plant and we’d be on to the next base. What a spiffing plan. We drove up the road and sat just on the bend so that we presented as little profile to the enemy as possible and spammed their position with Bradley rounds and machine gun fire. We got a number of kills and our team pushed up….. all the way to the edge of the bridge!

WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY DOING?! We were taking out the heavy MG and anything else that got in the way which our team must have taken as an invite to some sort of shooting gallery – forget the objective guys, just go for kills, that’s the way to do it!

After the third rocket came in it was ‘go time’. We took to the river bed in the Bradley and pushed up, but caught a nasty case of Bedeadyitis. We lost that one, and the blame lies squarely with the feckless idiots on our “team”.

The next round was defending on Arica Harbour, unfortunately, just as we lost the first base the Tiny Terror woke up which meant that I was distracted and also had to mute my mic. I forgot my mic was muted while I was giving SD directions when we were in the tank…… In the end, we won and I had to call it a night. It was just after midnight and the Tiny Terror didn’t go back to sleep until almost 3am…..

So a short gaming night – thanks SD, sorry I couldn’t stay on for longer.

Peas and loaves.

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2 thoughts on “Game Results 29-05-2010

  1. Sounds like frustrating games! Same happened to me earlier. While attacking we had two snipers *waaayyy* back, not helping much at all!

    Might be on tomorrow night, playing with strangers can be so frustrating. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I came across people who used their mics usefully.

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