(Video) BFBC2 Highlights 29-05-2010

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I agree with the people who said before that the Recon kit VSS rifle is crap. A couple of times I had three enemy clustered together and didn’t even get a hit marker – they shouldn’t bother putting sights on this gun as it’s pointless.

After a couple of games of Squad Deathmatch I teamed up with BigPresh (Silent Dave) and we headed to Rush. Obviously a lot of people have been taking tips from WoR about how to play ‘Whore Your KDR’…. I mean Rush because the team we were on didn’t seem to grasp the concept of winning by arming the M-Com stations….

It’s frustrating when you’re pummelling the defenders and providing cover fire only for your team to stand around doing bugger all, or hiding like a bunch of pussies.

Peas and loaves.

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6 thoughts on “(Video) BFBC2 Highlights 29-05-2010

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  2. Like most auto weapons it looks like it’s better to burst fire it rather than keep the fire button down, when at long range. The recoil throws off your aim somewhat.

    I saw some impressive shooting, but I read your comment about editing out all the misses. From what I’ve read the vss is probably better at mid range with an RDS than long range. It’s an assault rifle then 🙂

    • The problem then is that you don’t have a hip fire reticule so you have to scope in or use your judgement. On the first commentary I did I tried to hip fire it against an engineer (the one who I eventually stabbed) but it missed him. Same as the guy up on the hill.

      I’m sure that if you wanted to put a lot of time into the gun then it’d be great to use – it has more stopping power than the UMP45 – but I’ll stick to proper sniper rifles for the recon kit.

      • I went looking for a video I thought you’d like, it’s one by oplim77 and I thought he was using the svv but it’s the sv98 which looks like another bolt action rifle. The same tactics would work with the svv though.

    • That was a great video, I subbed to him. The SV98 is a great sniper rifle, although the time to kill is the slowest in the game, on my highlights vid, the sniper that gets me on top of construction actually fired before I did, but the GOL has a higher velocity so we died at the same time.

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