(Video) BFBC2 Arica Harbour Defenders 2/3

Part One can be found here

This is part two of the three. In this video we almost hold them off, but unfortunately Bravo is destroyed by Destruction 2.0. You also get to see me get killed twice after being weakened from falling damage as I can never get the bloody parachute to open properly.

StoneFaceLock’s strategy guide for this map helped me out with the placement of mines. Prior to this game I had been pretty much a Carl-G whore, but with the mines you don’t have to stay alive for them to work. The only thing you have to do is remember how many you have out as you can only have six active at any one time. If you put down a seventh, then the first one you put down disappears. By running the explosives upgrade specialisation I got to carry six – normally it’s three (I think).

Not really much else to say – banana bullets, shot in the back, fall damage, boomerang grenades…. they’re all in there. Oh, and I don’t know why Alpha wasn’t defused….

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “(Video) BFBC2 Arica Harbour Defenders 2/3

  1. I saw his guide too and since I’ve cursed myself for forgetting to use mines when I spawn first as an engineer. Always have the CG on.

    Bloody great commentary. I’d sub if I wasn’t already!

    • I’d never really had any luck with the mines until I saw that strategy. Hadn’t really played enough, or encountered enough vehicles to even consider it.

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