Game Results 30-05-2010

Only played a couple of games last night (and the date reflects that – on all posts the date shows when I stopped playing) so I didn’t actually go past midnight. After a fairly okay opening game of Attackers on Port Valdez with a particularly annoying sniper we then had a fairly painful game of defense on Laguna Presa.

We eventually lost I think and Donncha and Connor called it a night. I stayed on and decided to essentially rush Rush – attacking on Laguna Presa. The defenders who had previously been so organised and effective as attackers were no good. The defenders were helping us out by putting anti-tank mines around their own M-Com stations which was very handy. And they weren’t expecting someone to run right down the middle and in to their M-Com stations without any faffing about.

Unfortunately the PVR was playing up for every game but the first one so I don’t have any footage. But the team I was on won and then I called it a night and put together my sniper video – which will be up and linked to as soon as it renders.

Peas and loaves.

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4 thoughts on “Game Results 30-05-2010

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  2. Darn, should have stayed around but it was too late and I was hanging.

    I know my aiming suffered because I couldn’t concentrate on burst firing the AN-94 and tracking distant enemies at the same time.

    • Once you guys went off there was no one else to squad up with so I stayed in a squad on my own. I wanted to see exactly how good those guys were – and they were actually rubbish. So my theory that it is much easier to win when attacking appears to be true in my experience.

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