Weeklyish Update #9

The ninth weeklyish update? Phew, time flies when you’re having fun.

First off:

Personal Announcement
Nothing major, so don’t panic (I could feel your panic rising so chill, take a couple of breaths, it’s ooookay). The other half, after fourteen years of spraining her ankle has decided that now, at the start of the hottest weather in the UK for a couple of years, and during the school half term, is THE best time to break her ankle. Awesome. Did I say awesome? I meant ‘bugger’!

Here I am getting cleaning tips from my pal

It essentially means that for the time being, I’m the lady of the house. I’m not shy of house work, I’m actually the epitome of Modern Man – I cook, I clean, I even trim my nasal hair (don’t go as far as being ‘Metrosexual’ though), but it does mean that my gaming time is probably going to be quite severely restricted until the Little Lady can chase the Tiny Terror on her crutches. In my last Weeklyish Update I had said that I intended to play more, but since then I’ve managed about two whole hours.

Not good. Especially as I’m trying to get some time in with the FPS Freeks that the guys at Kontrol Freek sent me. If I am on, it’s probably going to be quite erratic time-wise. But I do have three videos in the pipeline anyway, including the third part of the Arica Harbour Defense.

YouTube Channel
Now up to 58 subscribers – won’t be long before I overtake Tejb. It would be 59, but I lost one – don’t know why, and it’s actually one of the people who posted to my channel when Geoff announced that I won the PVR so I don’t know what the reason is/was as they’ve not posted any comments on the channel since.

But he was replaced by CardsNumber7 which is pretty cool. If you haven’t come across him yet then definitely check out his channel – he’s another ‘real’ player with a laid back no nonsense commentary style.

Internet Try Hards

Donncha posted my Sniper Humiliation video to Reddit recently as he wanted to share the love. Unfortunately the Reddit community (or at least those that post) are all MLG Pro with a KDR of 800 and win/loss ratios of 90 gazillion. Or so you would imagine from the type of comments that are posted. “Did anyone else rage at his mistakes?” is one quote. Well shucks, it’s a public match on a public server playing for fun – I’m sorry if my non-1337ness offends people….. actually, I’m not.

This blog, and the videos are made primarily for me, and for the guys I game with. If other people also enjoy it, then that’s great and a major compliment. For everyone else – choices choices choices…..

Eight Thoughts
I recently posted that EightThoughts had gone HD with his very own HogHug. Well, to go with his new acquisition he asked me to make him an intro if I had the time or inclination. I was happy to oblige so here it is in use:

If anyone knows of any tidy free video editing programs can you let me or Eight know as he’s currently using Windows Movie Maker which is fine in a limited capacity. He’s not looking for anything fancy, just something that gives a bit more control. I already tried out Avidemux and VirtualDub but neither is really suitable – so any suggestions would be welcome.

Blog Search
Still no really interesting search terms to report :sadface:. The majority of searches still being for WigOffRaymundo, although the BFBC2 Multiplayer Survival Guide remains a hot read. Currently page views per day is around 230-300.

So thanks to everyone who ends up wading through my verbosity – and makes it this far. It’s great that the stuff that I write and do as a hobby is enjoyed by other people. Cheers Peeps

Posts since the last update:

Peas and loaves.

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7 thoughts on “Weeklyish Update #9

  1. Your poor wife. (wincing)
    So, are all your family nicknames alliterative? 😉

    Pssh, Tejb?! You could rival Hutch!

    That was nice of Donncha. It’s just unfortunate that such douchery exists in the community.

    Ssh, you had me at “verbosity”. lol

    • Alliteration is my second favourite language device, next to the fizz bang pop pop coolness of onomatopoeia of course 😀

      Tejb/Hutch – thanks for the vote of confidence, only 99,942 subs to go and we’ll see.

      Donncha’s a really great guy and has helped out a lot with this blog and other people’s too (and he’s good to have on your squad too). As for the online douchery, it’s just a fact of life. The majority of the people who are active on Reddit and especially YouTube/Machinima are youngsters looking to fit in. So whatever the crowd says is cool, is cool. I take a fairly pragmatic approach to it.

      Thanks for posting btw – it’s always great to get comments. Like Christmas, but in May, and no weird guy getting stuck behind the gas fire.

      • I’m not a big fan of *cut/paste* onomatopoeia -mainly because I can never spell it correctly 😛

        About a year ago, I had just finished 6 months of posting alliterative statements on my facebook page. Seriously! I created completely original alliterative statements weekly. I went through the entire alphabet. Some were a bit of a stretch in their coherence and meaning, but that’s how I can be sometimes. 8P

        As far as comments go, I know what you mean. I feel the same way when I see something new in my YouTube inbox.

    • My onomata…. that word, was also a copy/paste after my third attempt and STILL getting the red underline from the spell checker.

      So what was your most difficult onomatdoodle?

      • My hardest alliterative “statement” was:
        Xanthic xenophobes xeric-ify Xanadu.


        If you’re interested/curious, I could post all of them -to my minor embarrassment. (No, I don’t mean I’ll be pushing thumbtacks into my face …I’ll just tape them to the bag that’s over my face) LOL

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