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As is usually the case, just as I make a post saying that there are no interesting search topics a bus load rolls in. They’re not particularly earth shaking in their content, but they do represent queries that I think I’ve touched on in other posts, but not necessarily covered properly – and now post patch BFBC2 means that some subjects need to be revisited.

These queries are lifted straight from the search results:

Query: “can i stop people from joining my squad”

Yes….. and no. When you start the game, choose “Play With Friends” and then click Create Squad. You’ll now be in your very own squad, and you can either invite your friends, or head to a game on your own – but people on your Friends List will still be able to hop in to your squad. So you can stop random people joining your squad but not your friends.

Query: “can you get in trouble boosting in mw2”
Officially, anyone found to be boosting/hacking will be banned by XBL or PSN. In reality this doesn’t happen. Personally I’d prefer it if Chuck Norris kicked in your door and round housed you in to next week for being a pathetic douche. But life isn’t perfect so losers will continue to boost and ruin the games of those people who actually want to get achievements and attachments by *gasp* achieving them properly.

Query: “how do you lock on with the carl gustav?”
The Carl Gustav and RPG-7 both have the ability to lock on to a tracer dart. So the first thing needed is a traced vehicle (or soldier). A traced vehicle or person will have a red square reticule on it (similar to the one you see when using a stationary AT or the AT-4) you need to aim your CarlG/RPG-7 at the red square until a distance appears in white letters. When you see this you are locked on and can fire. The rocket will fire by the directest route – so if there are any obstacles in the way (including your own team) your missile will hit them instead of the target. Although once locked on you can shoot over or around obstacles. This video shows the tracer gun pre-patch hence leading the chopper. You then see him shoot ‘around’ the terrain to get the heli kill:

Query: “bfbc2 tracer dart how to use/tracer how to use dart in bfbc2”

Since the patch the tracer dart moves much faster in BFBC2 now so you no longer need to lead the vehicles as much as previously. The dart is now probably on a par with the speed of a sniper rifle round (anyone got any advances on that notion?), but still has no gravity pull/drop off. When you successfully trace a vehicle/person you’ll get the notification on screen and some points….. and then even more points if that vehicle/person is then given a heavy dose of RPG PAIN!!!!

Query: “bfbc2 how to get c4 on assault”
In order to use C4 with any other kit than the Recon Class you need to use an All-Kit weapon. If you’re starting out then these will be shotguns, but later you will be able to access the M1A1, M14 and G3 rifles.

Query: “bfbc2 no voice comms”
…. erm, not sure what this query relates to. But if you can’t hear anyone then either no one is speaking (most likely) or you have the game voice turned all the way down.

Peas and loaves.

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7 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Search Topics

  1. There are still lots of people who don’t know how to lock on to a tracered vehicle. Yesterday a helicopter was tagged yet I saw 2 rockets streak into the air harmlessly missing it! So frustrating!

    I guess it would have been nice if EA had included a proper manual with the game ..

  2. Boosters are a nuisance but hunting them can be fun. Whenever I hear someone spawn from a tac. insertion I assume they’re boosting no matter the gametype and try to check it out. In FFA it’s very likely to be the case; it’s less so in other gametypes but I’ve seen it.

    I’d recommended using this class to do so: silenced UMP, Marathon, Cold-Blooded, Ninja (all pro), and whatever secondary you like. Stingers can be good for embarrassment but one of the quicker-shooting shotguns (AA-12, Striker) makes mopping up all the boosters, including the guy who tac. respawns, pretty simple. They’re usually worth at least a free UAV.

    • Erm….. I don’t know. The stat thingy just says Search Engine terms. Could be external (e.g. Google) or the internal WordPress search – although I think it’s probably a mix of the two.

      I’m sure someone who’s really up on all this stuff will happen along and let us know pretty soon (***DONNCHA!!!!***)

      • LOL, they’re the keywords or phrases people type into Google or other search engines and find your blog. The stats counter records those.

        My own stats are fairly boring.

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