SeaNanners – Agony Uncle?

Is SeaNanners turning in to Marge Proops?

Or Agony Aunt if you prefer. Whichever you prefer SeaNanners has been switching things up in his past couple of videos. I’m not on about the FS Tailslide Switch that he does in the Skate 3 Double Feature Machinima vids, I’m on about the commentaries on his last two Call of Duty vids. In the first one he’s commentating while drinking wine and cooking – a sort of Techno version of Keith Floyd without the alcoholism and much younger wife. In the commentary he touched on what to talk about, and went on to say that being able to cook is definitely a worthwhile skill to impress the ladies with (it is, and does).

So his most recent vid goes further. Apparently some subscribers had posted messages to him asking for advice on how to get the ladies….. Tell you what – watch/listen to the vid and we’ll come back to it. You need to hear what he’s saying to prevent me rehashing it and making this post in to ‘War and Peace’:

Watched it? No? Too busy eh? Okay, in a nutshell: “Don’t punch above your weight, homies” (cool, I turned SeaNanners in to some sort of Gangsta!).

Right, so he’s only talking about physical attractiveness. Fair enough. But you know what? He’s wrong, or at least misguided. It would seem that the people asking for advice are mooning after someone from afar and doing the “Oh, I wish they knew I existed….” deal (btw, ‘mooning’ in this context is staring at someone all doe-eyed and day dreaming – not chasing after them backwards with their kecks down, that’s just wrong on so many levels).

Really the advice should be: get some confidence, get to know them, and ask them out. Yes, it’s not necessarily as simple as I make it out there, but that’s it in a nutshell. Except on an incredibly superficial level, for most people looks are not everything and as cliched as it sounds, women like men who have confidence. I’d also chuck in there, don’t be afraid of rejection – it’s going to happen and it can be for many reasons not because you look like the Elephant Man.

I’m not the only one to respectfully disagree with SeaNanners, GoldGlove also gave his two cents and he’s sort of on the same page as me on the whole thing:

And that is that. Not exactly gaming news per se, but I thought I’d share my thoughts on it and give an alternative perspective. What are your thoughts on the subject?

Peas and loaves.

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7 thoughts on “SeaNanners – Agony Uncle?

  1. I think SeaNanners has become a little jaded from his previous relationship. I recognize the cynicism and embrace of bachelorhood.
    Having said that, I have a fundamental problem with the question he’s trying to answer. The question seems to be stemming from guys who are, essentially, obsessing over a particular girl -as one might when they have a crush. So, my problem is not with the answer to the question (though I definitely agree with you and GoldGlove as far as that is concerned), but with the context from which the question was asked. What should’ve been addressed was that the “boys” need to relax and work on their own self-confidence because that is the real life-lesson. Like you and GoldGlove said, men aren’t all that physically attractive (as far as we can judge ourselves) and the self-confidence of an autonomous man can be one of the most attractive features we possess. The best and simplest advice I can give to a guy who’s lacking in confidence is exercise regularly and walk tall with a big stick and a calm demeanor.

    (As I reread what I just typed, I realize that most of what I said was echoing what you wrote in your blog. I guess that just means we’re on the same page -however redundant it may be.)

    • Yup, there needs to be a difference between being a general pest and being the obsessed guy with the weird shrine in their room. There probably isn’t a person alive who has not at some point had a crush on someone, and been unable to do anything about it. The fear of rejection, or embarrassment or worse still – the destruction of the dream. But I think that failing to go up to the other person in the first place and having the balls (or whatever the female equivalent to that would be) to just ask them out is the cause of many a debilitating crush.

      And never try starting a conversation with the ladies with “Do you like Modern Warfare 2?” or “I have a really impressive KDR…”

      It’s also probably best to avoid such bunny boiler topics as “I’ve dreamed about marrying you” or “I watch you while you sleep….” unless you’re trying to a woo a similarly psychotic person to yourself who has also been watching you watching them sleep….. uggghhh *shudder* creepy.

      And the ultimate advice: on Valentine’s Day NEVER send the object of your infatuation a dead squirrel with a note attached reading: “UnLikE tHiS sKwEErL mY lOve 4 U wiLL nEvar DIE” no matter how much it may be true. Although if you find that special someone who has a thing for dead vermin, then fill your boots!

      • So… how YOU doin? ;8j

        Seriously, though, you’re right about all that. Taking that first plunge is always the hardest, but, by doing it (rejected or not), you’ll feel more comfortable the next time you do it and so on. Honestly, I think that the more experienced you get, the less of an event you make the “asking”, which helps to keep you calm and focus on looking for the opening. If a girl is interested, she’ll mention something that you can work with to ask her out -you just have to listen (though not with a parabolic microphone pointed at her bedroom window).

        If you’re too lazy to put in the effort of getting to know her, then just steal her kitten and then help her “find” it.
        Wez can haz date? 😛

        How’s the Little Lady’s ankle, by the way? My ex’s friend broke her ankle about a year ago and it looked horrifying. It was like a Frankenleg.

      • We all know the best way to shave …with cold river water and a sharp knife that we pulled from our crocodile boots after we rinse off the blood from the morning’s hunt. Duuuhhh!

        Naow thaat’s a knoife.

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