(Video) BFBC2 Arica Harbour Defenders 3/3

Something I just noticed while watching this back is that BigPresh (Silent Dave) was actually in this game as well – on our team but in another squad. Although thinking again, I reckon I realised this at the time as well and even attempted to warn him later on in the game when an enemy Medic dropped down behind him only to realise that he couldn’t hear me as he was in another squad. I got the revenge kill though.

On this base I was in fun mode, going for defib kills and being a general pain in the ass for most of the time. When you’re on defense, as long as the M-Coms are safe you can afford to throw your K/D out the window and John Rambo it for a while.

Unfortunately the PVR froze up mid way through this base, and just before I got my second defib kill! We did win the match as they ran out of tickets and our team was actually amazing at defending and disarming the M-Coms. The match was played a couple of days after the Ogga Ug patch came out, but I still managed to use the Carl G against infantry with no problems when they were down to about 3 tickets left. A nice juicy rocket kill was close to being the final kill.

It was a fantastic game and I’m looking to getting many more.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series.

Peas and loaves.

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11 thoughts on “(Video) BFBC2 Arica Harbour Defenders 3/3

  1. This a bit off topic but thought you might find this interesting if you haven’t already seen it. Currently on the PS3 the US is running patch 1.04 and Europe is running 1.03. Dice is trying to work out some lag issues and these patches are suppose to isolate US and European players to try to figure out the lag issues. I’m not 100% sure but I think this makes it impossible to for US and European players to get in the same game or to squad up with invites and join game. Here’s a link with some info


    Do any of you guys here have lag issues? I’ve been having pretty constant lag problems ever since the weapon balance patch that came out in early to mid May. Even though I still lag these newest patches added some pretty cool stuff, higher objective points and we now get points after we die.

    • Although I don’t play as much as a lot of people, since the first patch came out I did notice more lag. But when I went on the other night, another patch/update was downloaded and I didn’t experience any problems in two hours of playing.

    • Since the first patch I have been kicked some time and with the new patch I have been kicked a lot and having some lag but before lag was very rare.

      I have tried to play with US friends but it said there weren’t and games.

      • If you lived here in the U.S., your job would be the thing you have the least confidence in. My friend just got laid off on Friday. Oh! But the recession’s over though… 😛

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