Game Results 06-06-2010

I went on last night, and being a Friday night I was Billy NoMates. It was a toss up between being a pain in the ass on MW2 or BFBC2….. I decided on Battlefield, mainly because the thought of the tiny MW2 maps makes me claustrophobic (and I don’t have the map packs so will probably just spend my time being kicked anyway – just like in World at War).

After Donncha posted about the recent patch and the changes to the scoring in Rush I almost decided to give that game type a go, but I don’t want to play that with a squad of randoms. So I went in the Squad Death Match – as usual. I didn’t even need my mic thing as no one on my squad were speaking anyway. Not that it would have mattered as one guy was a complete waste of space bush wookie.

I don’t have a problem with bush wookies, if they are actually getting kills, or even spotting – hell, even throw down a mortar strike or some C4 – but when they sit in ONE bush for the whole match and neither get any kills…. or get killed then something is seriously wrong. In this video that I posted to YouTube earlier you can clearly see the guy sitting in his bush. I call it ‘his bush’ because that was where he sat for the whole game. And just before I hop in the tank I look over to him thinking “Come on buddy… help me out here!” but no, nothing. So thanks for nothing!

On Laguna Presa he sat in a bush and did nothing, in Arica Harbour he sat in a bush and did nothing, and on White Pass he sat somewhere before quitting along with the other squad guy leaving me on my own, but we’ll get back to that. I actually gave the VSS another bash in Laguna Presa – red dot sight and Magnum Ammo (I think it was Magnum… could have been spotting scope…. no, I’m pretty sure it was Magnum – it’s not important). Under certain circumstances it’s actually not that bad, but you either have to be really good with it, or be playing really bad players:

My goal for the evening was to finish levelling up the Recon and Medic kits which was another reason for picking Squad DeathMatch. If I’m cocking about then I don’t want it to affect a proper team, and most of the time I really couldn’t give a hoot about the other people on the squad in Squad Death Match. As shitty as that sounds it’s true – if there’s no comms and some arse hiding in a bush then I’m playing for myself!

I’ve also noticed, especially since my Arica Harbour Defenders Part 3 commentary, that I am a revenge kill whore. I can’t help myself. I spout on about being a team player yet, as soon as I get hit, I’m on a single minded mission to get some revenge. I must tone it down….. But in the meantime, check this guy out. He really liked to sit at the top of the stairs in the buildings, and judging by the two other guys who were keen to get up those stairs too I wasn’t his only victim:

During the second round on Arica Harbour when I’d changed to the All-Kits M14 I unlocked the M95 sniper rifle. It’s a beast, and total EasyMode! I ran about for the last couple of minutes on Arica with it and got a couple of kills. But when the map changed to White Pass I decided to swap over to the Medic Kit to get the final unlocks for that…. but then the two guys on the squad bailed within a couple of minutes.

I was on my own, and it is impossible to win a Squad Death Match when you are a single player against other squads. This isn’t just my opinion, it’s statistically not possible to do (well, maybe you could, but you best buy a lottery ticket at the same time). I could have quit (I should have quite three rounds before to see if I could pick up some decent squad mates) but I’m lazy, and once I’m in a game…. I’M IN THE GAME!

What to do? Break out the M95 and be as big a pain in the ass as possible. I had intended to basically sit somewhere and just pick people off, but then I discovered the wonder of the 1337 no scope. In BFBC2 (unlike MW2) when you no scope the bullet fires down the centre of the screen rather than on a random trajectory so uber-EasyMode – and here it is in all its glory:

23-9: not bad for my first real sniping jobby, playing on my own. Had I had some squad mates then we would have won that one – actually, we should also have won both the Arica Harbour matches if bush wookie had moved a bit, but what can you do?

So, 190 dogtags and KD up to 0.94 – it’s all on the up and up.

Peas and loaves.

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