Selling Out In Style

If you’re going to sell out you have to do it in style, otherwise you just end up looking like a pathetic shill:

And now, compare and contrast:

But here’s the thing: is being successful and being paid (or given stuff) for doing something that you enjoy selling out? What about being asked to endorse something that you genuinely like/use/enjoy? I don’t think that’s selling out. Selling out is endorsing something that you have no interest in simply for the cash. If Tejb was lactose intolerant and/or Cocio made him break out in hives then he’d be selling out, much like endorsing a product that you could not possibly benefit from (when Swiftcover asked Iggy Pop to pretend he loved them for cash they did not insure musicians or those in the entertainment industry).

Chances are Tejb is a Cocio nut – although I get the feeling he won’t be so keen on it by the time he’s gotten through the crates he has taking up all the space in his flat. Good luck to him, and his lactose intolerance (kidding!). If he’s selling out, then he’s doing it the right way.

Peas and loaves.

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2 thoughts on “Selling Out In Style

  1. Selling out is done by keeping money for promoting something that goes against one of your principles or that is of no interest to you. I say “keep” because it’s possible to restore your respect by donating the money to something that DOES support your principles or interests.

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