Game Results 08-06-2010

I went online at about 11pm last night and since I was all on my lonesome I went in to Squad DeathMatch again. I was looking for a game where there was a bit of team effort going on, or even some chatter but no. After not doing particularly well and getting fairly fed up with encountering the same players running the same classes (any medic load out, or assault/AN-94) I decided to try a different game type. Quick off/on-topic – no wonder people complain that BFBC2 gets boring if they run the same kit all the time. I don’t think I’ve ever played a whole round without changing my kit at least once!

I joined a game of Conquest and it was going really well, we captured all the bases, I got a defense kill and then hopped on the UAV to do a bit of death from above. I had a bit of trouble finding people though….. and then using some intuition (and a dead team mate) I blind fired the UAV for a kill – HOORAY! But then I checked the squads thingy and realised why it was so easy…… we were five against one. Funnily enough, we won that round. And also the next round where two guys with clan tags joined, they were obviously communicating, but they were outnumbered and it was another win for us.

Honestly, I don’t have a problem steam rollering a team….. but I don’t enjoy winning because of lopsided teams – so I quit. I had another go at SDM as I didn’t want to sully my memories of Rush and initially was on a squad with two other guys (still no comms). But during the game they left…. and then so did pretty much everyone else….. and then I got fed up and left too as there was no way that I was being an Army of One again.

So I joined a game of Rush – Valparaiso. “Do you want to join a squad?” the screen asks – Oh yes please, I’d love to get some team play going on….. Imagine my surprise when I end up, not only on a squad on my own, but also as the only defender. As it happens there was also only one attacker so at least it was balanced. I decided to stick around, more people should join right? Right…..? I got a couple of cheap and easy kills on the attacker while he tested my tactics, but I made a mistake by running up to his spawn to try and get him on the way down. He got by me somewhere and planted, by the time I’d found and killed him the crate was destroyed and we repeated it again with similar results. So on to base 2 with the lighthouse.

Initially it was a bit of fun, he tried to use the UAV against me so I ran back to his base and took out his helicopter and QUUUUUAD bike before he shot me. No big deal, he had to trek to the base while I respawned and I got to shoot him again. I hopped on the heavy MG and a BlackHawk was coming in so I peppered it and it crash landed. Then a shocking thing happened….. I got MG3’d. I was surprised as up to that point he’d been using the assault kit, and now he was running the Medic Try Hard Class! I was a bit disappointed. I knew that it was unlikely that I would be able to successfully take 75 tickets from him on my own, and we had a bit of warrior respect going on so it was a real shock that he’d turn to the uber-cheap class when up against one person.

It turns out it wasn’t my duelling partner, it was some other guy who DICE had decided should join the attackers (great job DICE, your matchmaking always amuses me) – when he killed me for the second time with the MG3 I decided enough was enough. It was late and there was no way that I was going to stay in a game, outnumbered, and against someone running medic so I quit. RAAAAAGE QUUUIIIIIT!

But this lopsidedness is down to the US running 1.04 patch and EU running 1.03 while EA/DICE resolve some lag issues. I’d rather have dealt with the lag than empty servers like that. Hopefully the new update(s) apparently due out today will resolve this.

What patches? TyeWebb mentions it in the comments on this post and also Donncha posted about it here.

If you’ve missed all the fun of playing on empty lopsided servers, then don’t fret – here’s a vid of how it works:

Peas and loaves.

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10 thoughts on “Game Results 08-06-2010

  1. hey cheapkills,
    What are your feelings on Conquest? I have no desire to play it, however I really haven’t gave it a chance, because I just assume people play that for farmkilling.

    A few of my subscribers have requested it, but have never posted or played.

    Keep up the good posts,

    • My feelings on Conquest….. it’s my last choice of game type, especially when running without a full squad because of the massive amount of spawn camping bastards that you get there. It’s not a game mode I tend to play for that reason, and I don’t really understand the scoring.

      If there’s three of you, or preferably a full squad then you have a much better chance of avoiding the spawn killers and actually get to play the objective. As you know, in most of the game modes it can only take one tidy squad to make the difference between winning and losing.

      It’s actually a fairly weird game type thinking about it. Especially when you get cases where each squad basically takes over a flag each and then those flags turn in to mini SDMs – those are the fun times.

    • Cards
      Conquest has been improved quite a bit with the recent patches, they added more tickets and increased the bleed rate when you control more flags. Before this update it was really more like a team deathmatch and controlling flags didn’t matter too much. If you are trying get a game to upload though it’ll be a bit of a pain because the games a very long time now, so you’ll have to break it up into parts or make sort of a highlight video.
      I use to play a lot of conquest when I first got the game because I was familiar with it from Battlefield 1943, but once I figured out Rush I pretty much stopped playing conquest, it just isn’t as much fun in my opinion.

  2. The odd thing is, even on Xbox where there weren’t any recent patch differences I found empty servers late at night. I didn’t mind really and I wasn’t too surprised as it was past midnight on a Sunday night.

    What it might also mean is that fewer players are playing the game now. They’ve moved on unfortunately.

    Cards7 – Conquest was the first game type I played and I hated it! I’d like to try it out again though, just because of the different maps if nothing else.

    • Except for last night, I’ve never been in a succession of empty servers like that. I don’t usually mind it if I’m playing SDM as it means I can cock about as much as I like. But on Rush…. well, you know what it’s like with a team full of wookies, it’s even worse when you are literally the only player.

      Don’t know if I’m on tonight yet. I want to at least download the patch.

  3. Oh, I was going to boot up the PS3 around 11pm last night, but I’d had a pint of Tiger beer and it was settling in nicely. There was another episode of Lost to catch up on so…

    I’ll be tonight though! 🙂

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