YouTube – Where the trolls live, and other animals…

BobGodz and I2awInstinct have both put up videos over the past couple of days lamenting YouTubedom.



BobGodz says:

I have decided to take a break from the Youtube Cod Community, because I feel that a great majority of it is loosing touch of what commentaries are meant to be, and why we upload.

After that Machinima post, more people critized me on being a ginger, which im not, then on my gameplay. If the community is going to write comments about one’s appearence or ones voice or anything unrelating to the actual purpose of the commentary then it seems all pointless. I wouldn’t be making a big deal out of this, if it wasn’t occuring so much. I feel that people now just watch commentaries to judge the person not the gameplay, and this all seems pointless now.

One of my biggest goals was to be apart of Machinima, however after seeing that community react the way they did to me, and to many others, I am disappointed.


If I do decide to come back, I am going to try and change how people see commentaries and people. I want to tell all of you, as my subscribers, as BobGod’s viewers to respect every single commentary and to give every person a chance, because people put so much into Youtube, and some of us just seem to get little back. Respect.

The problem is not YouTube, but the perception of it. The people who post the douchey negativity seem to fit in two brackets – the first being those whose hobby it is to just hate. I can’t put it any plainer, I could go on for pages and pages for the reasoning behind why they do it – but when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter. Just the same as honking your horn at the idiot in the car in front will not improve their driving ability, giving an anonymous internet troll a piece of your mind is not going to alter their behaviour. The second type are those people who think that EVERY video that is put has been created to entertain them, and only them, and also has to meet some unwritten quality criteria to be acceptable.

There are people who attempt to please all the people all the time, and it’s not going to happen. Making videos should be about fun, whether the fun of making them, or the fun you had in them. If people like that, then great, if not…. well, there are plenty of other videos out there. Popular channels/commentators are also Douche-Magnets…. sort of. Statistically, the more views/subs you have, the more likely you are to attract Douchery. But you also reap what you sow – which is why those commentators with poor or negative attitudes also have a higher level of negativity (not necessarily negative comments aimed at them though) on their channels.

Failure to effectively moderate or police your channel is like carte blanche for YouTube douchery. If you allow abuse on your channel then pretty soon the hyenas descend and any good you may be trying to do goes out the window. Machinima is a prime example of this. Because they are only interested in views (for advertising revenue) they don’t take any action against abusers – which is why it is such a negative channel for comments and mob mentality. But if you post to Machinima you’ve got to expect it. It doesn’t make it right, but it’s the reality.

One issue that both I2awInstinct and Bobgodz mentioned that I totally sympathise with is the time and effort that goes in to making videos. While writing this I have a video rendering, it’s just over five minutes long and is going to take…………. just over *edit four hours to render (normally render time is about an hour on a vid that length, but this one contains footage from about two and a half hours of gameplay) an hour (left a marker in the timeline that screwed it up). I then have to check it to make sure it’s kosher, then upload it. For a 5 minute video in HD to upload will take about 40 minutes (90 minutes for a ten minuter) then wait for it process to at least 360p (why YouTube doesn’t do this automatically I do not know) before making it public. Total time for this vid: about two hours processing time, and that doesn’t count the time it took me to edit it.

That’s not me complaining. I don’t think that ANY uploader has the right to put it on to viewers that they should be more appreciative of their videos just because they take one lunar cycle to upload. If making videos is a chore then don’t do it. I know that I schedule my video making/rendering/uploading around quiet/sleep time (although not always). That way it doesn’t matter that the machine runs like a dog, or that the internet connection is choked. I make vids because it’s fun – and if other people share the fun then it’s high fun fives all round!

So the point of this post? Something to do while a video renders. Give my tuppence worth on YouTubery. And…. that’s pretty much it.

Peas and loaves.

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4 thoughts on “YouTube – Where the trolls live, and other animals…

    • I never really understood what the lesson was in that story. Get while the getting’s good? Have the bigger guy fight your battles for you? Trolls are greedy and goats sell-out their brothers?

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