Game Results 10th and 11/12th -06-2010


Played on my own :sadface: but had one goal and one goal only – get my 200th knife kill and a spiffy insignia thingy. So I did. I was running the medic because I’m a filthy tryhard scrub it’s the only class I haven’t fully levelled up yet. Had one round on Isla Inocentes where I got one dogtag. On Laguna Presa I managed to pick up the other two that took me to 200 knife kills and universal awesomeness:

I stuck around for one more round by which time I really didn’t give a toss about my “team”. Not because I’m a selfish, egocentric arse, but because one of them spent the entire game sitting in a bush. Everytime I went to spawn I’d check to see where people were and every time the same guy was crouched in the foliage. I even changed to Recon kit and decided to just sit at the back of the map up on the high ledge and just whore my KD for once. Except that both my squad mates spawned on me, and then proceeded to give our position away (even though Bush-Douche had also changed to Wookie).

That was that!

11/12th -06-2010

When I went online I was on my own again and so had a run about on SDM. As per usual flaky squad dropping in and out versus a couple of people communicating = LOSS. Then Mike came online and we squaded up. As there were only two of us I suggested we just went in to SDM, but Mike requested Rush so we went for that.

For some reason EA/DICE decided that we would defend twice in a row. I don’t know how they worked that out but we started on Port Valdez, then Nelson Bay. On both maps the enemy destroyed the MComs with C4, or Mines, Destruction 2.0 or vehicles. I’m not one to complain about game stuff, and I’m definitely not for crying out that stuff should be nerfed, but I think that the MComs should be given a health boost so that they can only be destroyed by Destruction 2.0, the timer bomb or sustained bombardment. At the very least – allow engineers to be able to defuse enemy explosives and/or repair the MCom!

Anyway – after two rounds of underhand tactics Mike and I decided it was time to fight fire with fire (commentaries coming soon on that). Engineer, explosives upgrade, explosives mkII, anti-tank mines. HEY! ENEMY TEAM….. IT SUCKS DOESN’T IT! We won. Although it was tight at the end, Drunkindunkin plus one joined our squad towards the end and I had to resort to Assault running smoke.

When we went on to defend on Valparaiso we were literally down to the last crate with the siren blaring when they finally ran out of tickets. I also had a really cool moment shooting down a helicopter and then killing the escapees. I’m so lush!

I’ve actually been thinking about Battlefield over the last couple of days. To be honest, with the new “Pay to Boost” announcement from EA/DICE I’m getting really pissed off with the game. Well, that’s not strictly true. I’m not pissed off with the game – the game is actually amazing. What I’m pissed off more with is the people playing it.

When I’m playing I find that it’s the same couple of people that are killing me over and over. The same people destroying the MComs. So is that what’s pissing me off? That I get killed? No, it’s not. What’s pissing me off is that in any game I’m playing, out of the twelve or so enemy team there are only about three people actually playing the game effectively. And the same goes for when I’m playing in a full squad. Our squad almost always comes first – top squad, top player etc.

So I’ve decided I’m not going to bother playing on my own any more – and when I encounter in game someone who is completely decimating our team I’m sending them a friend request. I’m fed up of random non-communicative selfish arseholes in this game (I can play MW2 for that). I play to win (notice I don’t say that I play well), not to get killed over and over trying to arm/disarm an Mcom while the rest of the team whore their KD in a bush. I don’t actually care if we lose, as long as the team (not just the squad I’m in) has actually done its job. Is that too much to ask?

Bah! Grumpy negativity over.

Peas and loaves.

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6 thoughts on “Game Results 10th and 11/12th -06-2010

  1. I’m feeling the same way about playing BC2 by myself. Until I teamed up with Mike and Muse last night I was having crap games.

    I did note that I got into a better game when I picked a map I wanted to play instead of a random one. Instead of being thrown into Nelson Bay on the last crate I got into a game on Arica Harbour, defending on the first crate. Must try that in future.

    Have you seen Mike’s tracering skills on Isla? Before they even took off he had the helicopters traced. It was a race to shoot them down when they appeared over the hill! 🙂

    • We haven’t really had a chance to play on any helicopter levels due to EA/DICE’s random game joining. Although he did tracer a helicopter on Valparaiso, but I’d run out of ammo by the time that happened as it was flying really fast, then I got killed just as I got the lock on.

      I think from now on I’ll be joining Isla Inocentes, Valparaiso, or Arica Harbour. I don’t dislike the other maps any less, but because of the amount of people who quit them (especially on defense) it makes it a pain in the bum.

  2. I know how you feel man, if no-one is online, I’m playing something else (or not at all.)

    I feel like the video game industry is failing on the people who like to play maturely. Or maybe it’s because we play consoles.

    • Currently I think that PC players are getting an even worse deal than consoles. Developers are moving away from PC as the primary consumer target due to piracy and the prevalence of consoles now. You just have to look at any gaming forum and for pretty much any game that’s getting a patch you’ll have PC players saying “….what about us?”

      It’s all about the money now (for the publishers – I believe that developers want to produce the best they can but are limited at the point of release).

  3. I agree. It’s not the same game when you play solo you need communication between players and to have a laugh with someone.

    When me and Donncha finished playing last night, the next map was Nelson Bay and there were only a total of 7 people playing from a full squad on both sides. People don’t like to play that map. They need to change it or get rid.

    I’m going to try and get on tonight if your interested. Just send me and email if your going on.

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