9 thoughts on ““New” Medal of Hono(u)r Multiplayer Preview

  1. Well, about to boot up the PS3 so will be into BC2 in the next half hour!

    The MOD beta starts at the end of the month but I can’t login to their gunclub site. I read somewhere you had to pre order the game to get into the beta but that makes no sense. How will they know it’s preordered?

    • I can’t login into the gunclub either, seems the site isn’t ready for prime time.

      I also don’t understand the MOH Beta either, it sounds like if you are a BFBC2 VIP and pre-order MOH you get the beta on June 17th and those that just pre-order MOH get the beta June 21.

      This whole pre-order to get in the beta makes no sense, I’m not pre-ordering this game unless I can try it out, also with so many other FPS games coming out this Fall I’m not buying any of them until I get to compare them all.

      • Okay I think I figured out how to get into the gun club website, you need to go to EA.com and setup your EA Master Account and verify your email address, after doing that I was able to log into the gun club.

  2. No-recoil weapons aren’t a good idea. They only serve to promote camping — everyone knows they have no chance of survival if they’re seen while moving around the map so camping becomes the default play style. Didn’t we just go through this with MW2? Sheesh.

    • That’s crap. Mike mentioned something about that last night during the game. He was watching a press conference from E3 while we were playing!

      I think I’ll give this a miss until it comes out. I avoided Halo Reach, and I had access to it. I can avoid this beta too 🙂

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