Weeklyish Update #10

Bonjour guys, and ladies of a certain age (we’ll get back to that). Not a lot, and a lot been going on since the last proper update:


Both Donncha and I have separately and without collusion unsubscribed from Machinima Respawn on YouTube for different reasons. It was quite amusing as in the evening I decided to dump Machinima from my subscriptions because I was fed up of the general junk and fakery that has saturated their channel of late. At the moment, a lot of the people I am subscribed to (and whose videos I actually want to watch) are on Machinima, so I get to see their vids anyway. Up until unsubscribing I was watching maybe one third of the Machinima vids that were filling my subscriptions box. After careful consideration I dumped them. The following day, Donncha posted that he’d dumped them too as he didn’t watch MW2 vids any more.

I understand that Machinima is a business and views = revenue for them. But when I subbed to them originally the quality of commentator (except for at least one that I can think of) was very good. But slowly the quality eroded.


Talking of Machinima, SeaNanners has just announced that he is now on the staff/payroll of Machinima:

SeaNanners has consistently produced entertaining and consistent content throughout his YouTube “career” and even avoided the complaining trap that many other YouTube “stars” have fallen in to so it’s great news that he’s now getting to do something that he loves doing…. and get paid for it. Sell out? Erm, not unless his role at Machinima is to club and skin baby seals.

YouTube (Me)

I’m now up to 70+ subs who have for the most part found my channel organically, which is good. I think that people who happen across a channel and like it are more likely to enjoy a channel for what it is. They become more of a community than consumers of that channel.

I have submitted some commentary to both JLGReality’s and Czeko92’s channels, but I don’t have any plans to go on some massive pimp out.

I’ve also created a BG for CardsNumber7 in response to his request video. I don’t normally make backgrounds for other people any more, but he left a really nice comment on my channel so thought I’d see if I could do something for him….. and he liked it (currently in use as of 15-06-2010). Cards, if you read this, substitute ‘him‘ for ‘you‘ in the preceding paragragh.

YouTube (other people)

Both Cards and StoneFaceLock passed milestones over the past couple of days – Cards broke 1000 subs, and SFL the 2000 mark. So congrats guys.

If you’ve not already come across these guys, have a look at their channels – ooogbilly and oplim77 – they are also “older” gamers and putting up some great vids. ooogbilly will be putting up commentaries once his new mic arrives.

Also on YouTube, OperatorPerry (QUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!) posts his classes….. and his legit stats. Tenth prestige, level 70 – all through playing the game. A sight to behold when so many YouTubers have boosted their way to Tenth. So Kudos to OP! (Talking of boosters, I’ve unsubscribed from another YouTuber for offering a JTag lobby – not cool!).

And where’s Geoff? GEOFF!? Helloooooo…….?

YouTube Demographics

I’m beginning to feel that I’m missing a joke here. Sooooo, would the person who linked my channel to the WI please let me know:

Since making that graphic, the lady views are up to 26% to 74% blokey dokeys. Come on guys, help me out here…..

This Blog

There’s been a resurgence lately and a spike in views due to one of my opinion posts on quickscoping being referenced on the Infinity Ward forums. Impetus to get my hard/quick/no scope testing video up. I’ve started editing it so it should be up shortly.

Again, thanks to everyone who pops along and reads these words, like this one, but not that one. Ooh, last thing, the Boosting polls. I’m going to leave them run for another week or so and then really over analyse the results (or I may just post them and let you do all the work). If you missed the poll(s) here’s the original post, and here are the poll questions if you have not already completed them:

Thanks for your input as always.

Posts since the last update:

Peas and loaves.

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One thought on “Weeklyish Update #10

  1. Oh yeah I’m reading, it’s what I do at work lol. Anyway, thanks for the nice comments and I filled out the poll questions.

    Thanks for the BG it was awesome. I look forward to talking to you more.

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