100 Subs on YouTube

Yesterday in the Weeklyish Update I posted that I was at 70+ subs on YouTube, and also mentioned that I’d submitted commentary to Czeko92 and JLGReality. Well, shortly after I published the update, Czeko uploaded one of my Arica Harbour vids to his channel.

Well, this morning the 100th person chose to subscribe to my channel.

I’ve always said to myself (not out loud – that would make me look like a crazy) that I wouldn’t get too excited by the amount of subs my channel gets. But for some reason, the closer it got to 100 the more it seemed to matter. But it’s over now….. until the next milestone that is.

So thanks everyone – you rock!

Peas and loaves.

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4 thoughts on “100 Subs on YouTube

    • Oops, forgot to put my pic in the original post.

      Milestones? Erm, don’t actually have any. It’s just great that other people like what I/we do (the we being you guys that I’m in game with). Although there was that post I made a while back about the celebrity ladder with the ultimate accolade of being shot by some weirdo trying to impress Jodie Foster.

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