Dead Space 2: Decapamemberment

Eight Thoughts sent me a link to IGN’s vid of Dead Space 2 from E3. I didn’t play Dead Space, although I think I played the demo and didn’t really get in to it (happens a lot to me). But anyway, the thing that interested me most on this was the gratuitous deacapamemberment that’s so prevalent in the game.

Zip to 2:37 of the vid for some awesome up close raw decapamemberment:

Decapamemberment, the new black.

And am I the only person who feels that anyone observing you watch an IGN vid is thinking that you’re only viewing it to check out Jessica Chodrot? Ah cynical marketing at its best.

Peas and loaves.

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8 thoughts on “Dead Space 2: Decapamemberment

  1. I love the zombie stuff. Funnily enough, the VG zombies/necromorphs scare me more than those in movies. I enjoyed Resident Evil 2, but tried not to spend too much time outside because the ambient sound was so creepy. I bought Dead Space when it came out, but I stopped playing after the first chapter and haven’t returned to it in a year and a half. You should see some of the fatalities in that one. Decapamemberments all over the place.

    • Hahaha, look at us grown men admitting to being scared by a game. Although I’ll also put my hand up to being scared by certain types of films too. The other half won’t let me live down the time I even took the dog upstairs to keep me company while watching The Grudge……

    • Oh, Sean of the Dead is one of my fave films of recent times. Hilarious, and even though I was watching it the second time on DVD at home, I still spilt beer on myself when the shower curtain was pulled back and the zombie was there!

      • Agreed. Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorite bromance movies.

        The Grudge creeped me out too. It was mostly to do with the strange sounds coming from the ghosts and the vacant, yet menacing, look that the female ghost had on her face.

        I’d have to say that most of what I’m calling “scared” is really just being startled by “monster closets”, where things pop out at you -whether you expect them to or not.

        There. Manhood restored 😛

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! I shouldn’t laugh! Years and years ago I started to watch a horror about a ouika board with my gf at the time. We got as far as the opening scene where the main characters crowd around the board and they’re about to do the creepy things people do with those things.

    Then it was, “Right, I just remembered I don’t really like horror movies.” “Yeah, me too. What else is on the telly?”

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