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A while ago I recorded some gameplay of Call of Duty ‘Classic’ the console port of the original Call of Duty PC game from 2003. I am very familiar with the original version as I wasted whiled away many an hour playing it both campaign and online multiplayer. I was never the best player, but I was pretty good all things considered. So I was actually looking forward to giving it a go on the PS3 (I got it as a free download when I bought the ‘Hardened’ copy of Modern Warfare 2).

The first thing that I noticed when I loaded it up was how ugly it is. It wasn’t at the time. When it came out it was amazing in terms of graphics and gameplay, but even Bridget Bardot didn’t age too well. However, the biggest let down was the controls. The guys who ported it tried to shoehorn all the original PC keyboard controls on to the controller. A valiant attempt, but one that makes the game really difficult on the console. FPS games on the consoles now pretty much have the control system sorted – minimal, intuitive controls – so considering that most people would not have played the original PC port I don’t understand why they attempted to make it a complete facsimile. On top of that is the difference between mouse/keyboard ‘twitch’ and controller nubbin control which makes the game quite awkward.

And then there is the AI….. oh AI, how many ways do I wish your pixels were deleted? I’d forgotten how bad the AI was back then. ‘Quick we’re under fire – stand in the middle of the street!’ Or – ‘You have to escort and protect me which means that I take no responsibility for my personal safety…’ AArrrgh!

So I had intended on doing a “Let’s Play” effort on Call of Duty Classic as I have some prior experience of it – but that’s never going to happen now. So I decided to use the footage to essentially introduce myself to the people who’ve subbed to my channel and give a small background on my gaming history.

I don’t like talking about myself. I’ve never been the type of person to blow my own trumpet or do stuff in order to get on a table and yell “Hey! Look how goddamned freaking awesome I am!” so I think that in relation to the other commentaries I’ve done this one is probably the weakest. But, it kills two birds with one stone.

So here you go:

Peas and loaves.

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2 thoughts on “Blah blah blah Me me me

  1. I played the demo of that on the Xbox 360 and yes, it was awful! 🙂

    Nice trip down memory lane there, I suppose I’ve been playing games just as long, hard to believe. Especially when some youngster comes along and pwns me.

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