Community Block…. get real!

YouTube. Ahhhh YouTube.

#Ohhh give me a home
Where the trollers do roam
And douches and egos run free#

Recently I put a vid on my channel where Wings of Redemption lost in a 1v1 despite having host and stopping power and his camper pants on. It’s been doing the rounds and even itzdeaman put it on his channel. Itzdeaman is some sort of community gaming channel thingy – to be honest I don’t know that much about it but lots of people have been signing up to it and getting “sponsored”. But, allegedly Wings of Redemption put a “community block” on itzdeaman according to the annotations in one vid.

So…. community block? What? Ahhh who gives a flying Fernando what WoR threatens people with anyway?

I do not search out WoR douche references. I don’t care about him, what he does, what his douchenozzles do or anything like that, but if your vids, or the vids you watch are in any way MW2 or BFBC2 related videos related to him always appear and for the most part I avoid them. But then I saw this vid earlier:

You could argue that troller deserved to be blocked for trolling. Fair enough. But Woodysgamertag saying “You got yourself a community block” – a what? What community? What community are Woody, WoR, and I would imagine at least one other are the leaders of?

When it comes down to it, they’re just game commentators, posting vids to YouTube. They have no power, they control nothing other than their own channels. Do they honestly consider themselves to be the figureheads of the gaming community? Well, I for one don’t consider them to be representative of me and I certainly don’t appreciate anyone dictating to me who I should and should not watch.

So as the leader of my own personal community (comprising of ME) I’m invoking my very own Community Block:

Wow, look how much power I have…..

Peas and loaves.

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