Game Results 18th and 19th June 2010

18th – Billy No Mates

Played a couple of games of Squad Death Match as there wasn’t anyone available. I was on a strong squad for once – no comms, but good players so in both the rounds we played were the winners…. even though the game said we lost. But it’s not possible for a squad to get seven kills in the time it takes an M95 round to hit its target, so I’m confident that we did win – especially as on the after match results I had a Squad Death Match Winner badge. I was mostly running the Medic kit with a Saiga and slugs as I still need to finish unlocking that kit and didn’t want to be THAT guy running about with the medic kit.

After a couple of rounds I joined Drunkindunkin on Rush. I joined at Base 2 on Isla Inocentes where defense was doing an amazing job. Alpha had been destroyed by 2.0 by the looks of it, but the team basically had a huge skirmish line right along the bottom of the map so every time an attacker dared set foot on the base they were outnumbered 4:1.

On to Arica Harbour and everything was not so rosy. On attack we didn’t even take Base One, and on Defense I decided to call it a night when we were pushed back to Base Three. It wasn’t really a rage quit. More of an exasperation quit.

Game highlights:

(Music by waxandherbalt)

19th – I get by with a little help from my friends

Donncha had pinged me asking if I was going on. I hadn’t planned to as I had intended to get some blogging done and the Tiny Terror had been up since 5am. But, it had been almost a fortnight since I had last been online with Donncha so that was as good an excuse as any. I can’t actually remember all the maps we played – I think we successfully defended on Laguna Presa, beating the opposition before being joined by Jackmufc99 and doing a Blitzkrieg attack. Jack did a great job calling out enemy positions from the UAV which really helped.

Then Cardsnumber7 joined us for some defense on Port Valdez. I like Port Valdez. But early on I felt that we were actually on Kashyyyk due to the amount of wookiees out there. First order of the day as soon as we spawned was to get on the mounted weapons and start tree felling. No trees = no cover = easy targets. After getting killed by the same sniper for about the fifth time I changed to recon and started laying down mortar strikes on the usual Wookiee hiding places. After a while I changed back to Medic as my sniping wasn’t really helping me or the team and I was much more use reviving sniped team mates. So I spent my time in a forward position behind cover helping to take out any attackers foolish enough to try and advance. Oooh, epic fail of the day: I hopped on a QUAAAAD and zoomed up the right side of the hill to get some revenge kills on the Medic and two snipers up there….. rounded the corner in to their base as the Out of Bounds counter neared zero….. made back into the play area just in time and……… drove straight in to a tank – KAAABLAMMMO! It was good fun though.

So defense was a doddle, and Attacking was pretty much just as straight forward. When we got to the last base I hopped in the gunner seat on the Blackhawk to give Cards some cover while he planted the MCom station but Donncha hopped in the pilot seat and took off as I didn’t make it clear what the plan was. Donncha’s an ace pilot, I think his skills are worthy of Black Cat status – I’ve not laughed so hard in ages. We decided it was probably best to leave the enemy helicopter at our base and hotfoot it back up to get the final MCom, but I don’t think we even made it halfway up the hill before it was the end of the game.

Jack and Donncha (whose take on the games can be found here) called it a night after that round and so Cards and I went on to Nelson Bay as attackers. We routed the other team, the whole round was over in about seven minutes. Unfortunately I hadn’t been recording as my machine was rendering the highlights vid from the 18th, and then I forgot to press record when we started the game on Nelson which is a real shame as I got a proper, deliberate Smoke Round kill after planting Bravo! I did record from Base Two on – here’s the link on dropbox if you’re interested (download may be slow until it has finished uploading). It’s not edited, and runs for five minutes or so.

So thanks guys for the games. It was fantastic to get back in to a squad that communicated and focused on the objective again.

Peas and loaves.

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3 thoughts on “Game Results 18th and 19th June 2010

  1. I can’t remember who it was, might have been Cards, who gave a running commentary on a team mate who ran into their spawn on Port Valdez while we were defending and stole one of their tanks.

    I was on the MG in construction and saw the blue tank symbol hovering over the vehicle as it raced down the hill. Funny stuff!

    • I’m not sure if it was Cards or Jack – they were both on about it on the mic though. The other team were just wasting their time mostly. The guys on our team who ran in to their spawn were essentially humiliating them.

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