Game Results 20-06-2010

Had some good games, great games and rubbish games last night/this morning. Played so many that I can’t actually remember what was played with whom. But to begin with it was definitely Donncha, Mike and I and then TyeWebb joined us. After a couple of games, and I think it may have been Port Valdez Donncha called it a night and we were joined by IShootZombies who’d friended me after reading the Multiplayer Survival Guide.

After one or two rounds of playing against the same players I was getting a little bit fed up (of getting my arse handed to me) and all backed out to the lobby. I suggested that since we were a full squad, why not have a go at Squad Rush as it was a game type that I’d never played before, and found out that neither had Mike. Zombies was quite vocal about it being a crap gametype, but he out voted 3:1 (democracy in action). As a concession to him though, if it did turn out to be shit then he would get the ‘Squad Rush is Shit’ pin.

So Zombie got the ‘Squad Rush is Shit’ pin. We played two rounds, one attacking and one defending on Valparaiso. It wasn’t as bad as Zombie made out, but it is a pretty weak gametype in my opinion. I don’t know, it was just kind of pointless. And unless you have two fully communicating squads one side is going to get stomped on. In this case that side was Cardsnumber7 and the Randooms. Cards played a blinder, killing me on numerous occasions but he was let down by his squad who apparently were scared to go near the action. By the sounds of it they probably though Squad Rush would be a good chance to whore their KDR…. bit of a mistake for them methinks.

I think I’ll upload the Squad Rush game(s) as I’m unlikely to play that mode again, and it’s also a game type you don’t tend to see much of on YouTube. After the two rounds we decided it was time to head back to Rush. Zombies didn’t make it back into the squad when we started on Isla Inocentes. We joined as attackers on Base Two and it was touch and go as to whether we were going to even make it off the beach, but we managed to break through and from then on it was pretty much an easy victory, snatched from the jaws of defeat!

At some point we ended up on Valparaiso as defenders and before we’d even managed to sort out our kits properly our MCom stations were being destroyed….. ah, UAV + C4. That old chestnut. Well screw that! As Cards said, when you’re down to your last couple of tickets it’s acceptable to pull that one out of the bag, but not straight from spawn @ 75 tickets! We left them to trounce the rest of the team. Personally, I don’t want to play with or against a team that pulls that stunt every chance they get. I know the game is about the win, but that’s just completely lame.

In complete contrast we then had an uber-rush where we ran through the entire round in only a couple of minutes…. with arming the crates. It was almost a carbon copy of an earlier rush round on Nelson Bay:

Overall it was a good evening/night/morning – but I’m knackered today as it was 2.30am by the time I called it a night.

So thanks again all.

Peas and loaves.

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One thought on “Game Results 20-06-2010

  1. Those games I played with you were really tough for the most part and they did go by in a blur. The only bit that sticks out is my theft of the tank on Isla and I know there was a few other notable incidents but I’m damned if I can remember them.

    You must be exhausted are you? I know I am. Too many late nights and busy days. Definitely laying off the late night gaming for a few days.

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