Weeklyish Update #11

What?! It’s only been five days since the last weeklyish update!…… Oh, I get it weekly-ish. That’s right, it’s a mystery as to the regularity.

Firstly – it’s Fathers Day here in the UK, so Happy Fathers Day to all those with the qualifying grey hairs. As some of you may have picked up on, I’ve got two kiddy winkles and the eldest made me a doorstop cake, a card and bought me a plaque with the message “I smile because you’re my Dad. I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it.“. So Happy Fathers Day, one and all.


The other day I picked up on the link through to this blog from boards.ie. At about the same time Donncha also sent me the link. Normally link through from other sites relate to more “technical” posts on the blog, things like quick scoping and the BFBC2 Survival Guide so I was quite surprised to find that it related to my Wings Alienates Subscribers post. “Uh-oh” I thought. Has Wig Of Raymundo pointed his douchenozzles in my direction? But no, it was someone agreeing with my sentiments regarding WoR…. and also the consensus. It turns out that the original poster Tallon is also a YouTuber uploading MW2 vids from the Emerald Isle.

General YouTube

Eight Thoughts posted a video where he gives me a massive shout out (which is always nice) and also announced that he has also opted to unsubscribe from Machinima for the similar reasons to both Donncha and I. It actually got me thinking about the whole Machinima thing and whether they’ve lost direction a bit. Not necessarily selling out, but becoming over exposed by signing anyone with a console, a PVR, and a pulse.

One thing I’ve noticed on YouTube is that the “Other Channels” section definitely has an impact on how people subscribe. Currently I post a message of thanks on any person who subscribes to my channel. it doesn’t take a minute, and it’s led me to find some new people to add to my own subscriptions list. When I’ve been checking the ‘Recent Activity’ box (where visible), about 50% of new subscribers are also subscribing to the people in the Other Channels box on my channel. Here’s an example from my most recent subscriber:

Well that gives me another insight in to how the YouTube works.

Talking of insight:

I thought that the demographic would have calmed down by now, but it seems that Mario Lanza singing ‘Danny Boy’ really does it for those ladies of a certain age. If anyone would like to enlighten me as to the reason(s) behind the sudden surge in ‘older female gamers’ checking me out, then let me know.

Hmm, not much in this update…. I’d change the title to a Teeny Tiny Update, but that would mean moving the mouse, clicking in the header and stuff, and that just seems like too much work….. but it would probably have been quicker to do than writing this paragraph explaining how much effort it would take to change.

So that’s all I’m posting right now. Hayfever has melted my face, I’m tired and I need a cup of tea.

Posts since last update (this should be short):

Peas and loaves.

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