Game Results 23-06-2010

SURPRISE! Battlefield Bad Company 2. I bet you weren’t expecting me to be playing that. I wasn’t going to go on last night, but when I checked the PSN website I could see a number of people on so decided to see what the diddley-oh was.

I tried to join Donncha first but the server was full so I tried to join Geoff and Gary’s game (I assumed they were playing together). Surprisingly there was room in the squad so on we went. I think it was defending on Nelson Bay and I’m fairly sure we won. I’m fairly sure that we won every game we played last night actually.

After a couple of rounds Geoff had to go and was replaced by Mike attacking on Isla Inocentes. I spent a lot of the time piloting the Blackhawk doing nice low circles around Base One to allow for the gunner(s) to get some kills in and for the squad to spawn on me and jump out over the MComs. The enemy were surprisingly uninterested in shooting me down, which seems to be a fairly common occurrence, and was the state of affairs throughout the games. When someone did decide to shoot me down it was helpfully over Bravo on Base Two.

When we were defending we were pushed back to Base Three and I got to pilot the Hind which I did without killing myself or any of my passengers. We even used it as a troop carrier to drop Commando D behind enemy lines.

We seemed to be playing only Isla Inocentes and Port Valdez last night which was little bit frustrating. When we defended on Port Valdez I think we stopped them at Base One. Mainly due some mega deforestation using the Heavy MG. Once the trees were gone it was time to spot the people and tanks coming down the hill. Mike was taking out the tanks with the Stationary AT and I was mowing the peeps down using the Heavy MG. Eventually someone got fed up with that and took me and the MG out with an AT-4. So I switched to medic and took my usual position forward of Bravo.

Once they were defeated we opted to show them the meaning of the word ‘Rush’. We did the round in about six minutes. I went negative, but I did get the Ace pin (because I’m all about the objective). Unfortunately I wasn’t recording. But I did record the last game I played last night.

Donncha and Mike had both logged off and it was just Gary and I. I’m not a fan of Rush when it’s a two man squad so I suggested we go in to Squad Deathmatch and I’d record it to see how we go. It was getting late/early so I thought we’d have a quick game and then I’d be offski too…….

Thirty Six minutes later we finally won. 36, THIRTY BLOODY SIX minutes for ONE round! It was Nelson Bay which Gary was looking forward too as he hadn’t played the map on SDM before. Which was handy because he got to spend as much time as he liked on there. When we joined, our squad was on zero and the top squad had seven kills – okay, it’s go time! Or would have been if we could find the other players, did I say players, I meant player. So I jumped in the tank and spent my time running over trees (there’s bound to be wookiees at some point). Eventually, and in desperation, I climbed to the top of the main building and fired in to the air to at least sucker the other guy in to giving his position away. Either he didn’t see/hear me, or wasn’t stupid enough to fall for it.

The good news was that eventually (and I mean eve-n-tu-al-ly) more people joined and we had a game on. Some people joined and dropped out of our squad in the mean time but in the end it was us two and two non-communicating randoms vs some other dudes and we won. Well, how couldn’t we?

Overall, my KDR took a tumble so my positive KD celebratory video will have to be postponed.

Peas and loaves.

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