DLC… again?!

I’m starting to sound like a broken record.

I am going to be revisiting some ‘issues’ that I’ve gone over previously due to the release of the BRAND NEW *ahem* Onslaught DLC for Battlefield Bad Company 2.

I haven’t turned the PS3 on since it came out so I don’t know how much it is, a couple of quid maybe, but to me: it’s too much. I’m not buying it. Simple as that. As far as I’m concerned it’s not worth the money, and while EA/DICE continue to leave other issues unresolved why should I give them more money to play a game mode that should have been included at retail anyway?

Pay to play co-op mode? Come on, seriously? What is the replay value of that? Those of you who have Modern Warfare 2 – how many times do you actually play the co-op missions on that (you know, the ones that were free at point of sale)?

From what Donncha was saying about the Onslaught pack it’s useful to hone your vehicle and/or sniping skills so you’re also paying for the training level that should also have been included in the original game!

You don’t get any new maps, just some different lighting/weather. Big fat hairy deal – if you play GTAIV the lighting and weather changes in that…. FOR FREE. I really don’t see the value for money. And talking of money, where does the money that people pay for the Spectat Kits and this Onslaught Pack actually go? It obviously doesn’t go to sorting out the servers.

Donncha also mentioned about an issue with lag when he was playing. StoneFaceLock is constantly complaining about lag, and even ooogbilly has now put up a vid showing lag problems:

This is the very reason why I avoided EA for over half a decade. They only respond to dollars and not feedback from the community. While people continue to give them cash for essentially nothing (and this applies to all developers/publishers – not just EA/DICE) they’ll continue to go “Ka-Ching! Would you like some fancy pants to go with that?”.

I did consider getting Onslaught because Donncha, Mike, Geoff, Gary and probably everyone else is getting it and it would’ve been fun to give it a go – but decided against it when I realised that EA/DICE have effectively offered nothing for the money. No new maps. Your scrore in Onslaught doesn’t count towards anything. The servers are still laggy (or empty if you play after midnight due to the EU/US segregation) and let’s be honest, co-op mode should have been included out of the box.

When EA/DICE actually offer something that provides value for money then I’ll get it. But currently we’re been spoonfed shit and being told it’s caviar. I’m not swallowing that.

Peas and loaves.

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7 thoughts on “DLC… again?!

  1. Scratch, scratch, skip skip skip, loop loop loop loop. You need a 80’s style vynal mix for your next Youtube intro 😉

    Fair points and I agree with them. Onslaught should have been part of the package from the start or a VIP upgrade at the least but it isn’t and where there’s demand (even if it’s created by the producer of the product) it will be satiated.

    The lag I experienced was possibly because I was playing with what sounded like Americans. It was after midnight making it likely. After the latest patch European and US players are both playing with the same client and can mix. I left the game and got the fastest time on Nelson Bay of all my friendslist (even beating Geoff and Gary, for however long that lasts!)

    If I’m playing Onslaught when you get online I’ll head to rush. It’s no substitute for the challenge of fighting real humans but it is a nice warming up game. On easy level it’s simple and a good way of stroking a bruised ego after a devastating game of rush. Or simply to blow off some steam.

    • Are you sure the servers aren’t still separated? SFL was on about it…. again. Plus, the other night after you and Mike left, Gary and I had a bit of trouble finding enough people to play SDM against. Which would seem to mean that either there is the separation, or there’s not a lot of people playing the game any more ‘across the pond’.

      • The servers are mostly separated right now. You should all go to ea.com and create profiles there if you don’t already have them and pair your PSN accounts to the profile and make sure your profile lists your correct location. The location you have listed there is suppose to control what servers you get put into. I’m actually going to switch my location from the US to something in Europe because the US servers seem to be the cause of the lag issues. Its pretty amazing that I lag less on European severs than the ones here in the US just a couple hundred miles away.

        I will not be buying Onslaught either, at $10 I’m just not seeing the value in it at all. I’d probably play it once or twice and never touch it again, much like the Spec Ops missions in MW2.

  2. Having just watched the videos above (saw the StoneFaceLock one already), I wish I could have recorded my dodgy game. I pumped a whole clip into one defender and he just looked at me and started shooting me! Luckily on “easy”, you can take a lot more damage.

  3. I played the co-op MW2 things once — and only did that so I could beat them all on veteran and platinum the game. I managed to beat the AC130 level on my own with two controllers but I couldn’t get through the chopper level without someone else manning the minigun. Maybe I’m just jaded/biased/antisocial but co-op is overrated in FPS games. I’ve never played MW2 multiplayer coordinating with another player (I mute everyone immediately) and I have a penchant for running around when the game’s mechanics tell you to camp to win and yet I still manage a KDR over 1.5.

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