Teeny Tiny Blupdate #2

Just a couple of quickies and a question/poll then normal service will be resumed.

Anyone remember the film ‘Field of Dreams’ with Kevin Costner, Ray Liotta, James Earl Jones (“I am your father, Luke…“), Burt Lancaster and some other people? Well, if you haven’t seen it, or erased it from your memory the tag line was “Build it, they will come….” Ooooh spooky. Or obvious. But right now I’ve sort of forgotten where I was going with the analogy…. so I’ll do some paraphrasing instead: “Write it and someone will read it…eventually”.

I posted in the last Weekly-ish Update that Tallon on Boards.ie had linked through to the “Wings of Redemption Alienates Subscribers” post, then earlier on today I had a post on my YouTube channel from fistycoffs or whatever his name is asking if I (MrCheapkills) was Evil Dave:

Being the polite kind of chap I am, I left a message on his profile confirming who I was:

I didn’t really think much of it as boyo b’there doesn’t figure on my radar, but when I checked the stats here I found a massive spike in the traffic:

So all the traffic was being driven to the Wings post, and from a vid by fistythingy. But why?…. Well it turned out that he’d copy and pasted the majority of the WoR post as the description. Turns out though that Fistadoodle was just looking for some Internet Drama:

Well, thanks for the traffic boost F, it was really helpful, get me a bit better known out there. But as for hurt feelings and internet drama……. judging by the comments on the vid I don’t think your motivation had quite the outcome you had hoped. Better luck next time (and for your information, I’ve been around too long to have my feelings hurt).

And just to reiterate, the original WoR post was about INTEGRITY and RESPECT, those qualities are very important to me – it also explains why I am not subscribed to Mr F.

The YouTube stats have either calmed down, or all those ladies of a certain age have realised that Daniel O’Donnell has not started posting gaming vids on YouTube after all:

Ladies…. it’s been emotional, and a pleasure.

Quick Quiz – Two Questions:

And lastly, why doesn’t Sony allow you to reply to messages or accept/send Friend Requests via the playstation.com site? I don’t turn the PS3 on every day and so when I see Friend Requests sitting there I feel a bit guilty for not accepting them straight away – but I can’t. So if anyone reading this has sent me a Friend Request (there are a couple sitting there right now) – I’m not ignoring you, I accept pretty much all Friend Requests as soon as I can get on the console. Sony (because I know that the head guys read this blog religiously) sort it out so that we can have more functionality via the website please.

Peas and loaves.

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