See How Not Grumpy I am….

So Donncha alluded to my unhappiness at game related things today. Although he’s not necessarily wrong, he’s not exactly right either. And to prove it I decided to post a pic of myself showing how happy I am:

Okay, so I know what some of you are thinking: “Hey…. that’s not you!”. While others are thinking: “Well gosh darn it! I kinda thought that this blog was written by a dog!” But that’s not important. And to prevent my paws getting too tired before I go online later I’ll keep this relatively short (like my leash).

Let’s get back to positivity and being upbeat and sharing the love, so I’ve got two vids that I found today. One is from my subscription list the other is the second part to Frozen Crossing that I blogged months ago. Although I think that part one was better, it’s still a million times better than Pioneer One.

So here it is:

I like how they did the helicopter part at the end, that is some slick special effects work!

And now something a bit lower budget but still equally full of the awesome:

I know montages aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and the music in this one is a little bit ear bleeding to me, but the editing and effects in this are amazing. Turn the volume down a bit (not off) and view the glory – especially towards the end. Fantastic sync, groovy effects. It does it for me.

Right, I’m offski now.

Grrrruff uff woof woof growl (Peas and loaves)

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