Game Results 26/27-06-2010


After acquiring the thingy pack…. can’t remember what it’s called….. Conquest? Nope…. Stimulus pack… nah, wrong game (not buying that either)…. sheesh, you know it’s made an impact when you can’t even remember the name! …. Onslaught! Yeah, that’s it. The Onslaught co-op thingy. So anyway, a kind and anonymous person made it possible for me to give the Onslaught DLC a bash.

I gave it a go with Donncha and Mike on hard and to be honest, I was not impressed. As a game mode it’s Squad Rush meets Conquest with AI. And as always the AI is stupid. I’m not expecting total consciousness from AI, but I’d be impressed if the level of intelligence had moved on from that of the original Tom Clancy Ghost Recon games from the beginning of the decade.

The enemies spawn and make a beeline for your position. There’s little variance and no flanking in their attacks which makes it predictable and pretty boring. I find that knowing that I’m fighting AI also gives me no emotional attachment to the objectives. When you’re playing against real live honest to goodness flesh and blood human beings you also get the unpredictability, deviousness and bloody-mindedness that comes with being a human. That makes taking/defending objectives much more satisfying (to me at least). I’m not going to spend much time on the subject of Onslaught – it should have been included at retail, and I don’t rate it as a game mode except in the event of being the last person alive on earth.

I’m not sure if we played some games of Rush after Onslaught, I think we did…. but I logged off for a bit and when I came back on I was on my lonesome as it was quite late by then. I’d had a couple of game invites earlier but because I was already in a full game of Onslaught I had to decline them, but as I was on my own I decided to join one of the games already in progress.

I entered the game of BlazinDei and it was defending Squad Rush on Port Valdez. I didn’t actually know what the game mode was initially, but I knew that if we were defending then the MComs were in the wrong place for Rush. BlazinDei was pleased that I’d joined their game, which was nice to hear and once Mike joined too we thoroughly destroyed the opposition who didn’t really seem to grasp the concept of Squad Rush. I think that perhaps they were looking to whore some KDR – I’m guessing it didn’t work out for them as we killed them using a skirmish line. On attack we steamrollered them.

We then had a couple of games of Rush in which I’m fairly sure we won, including some fairly spectacular defence on Isla Inocentes where Mike showed his uber-leet tracering skills which allowed me, and later BlazinDei, the luxury of shooting down helicopter after helicopter. I even had a triple kill on one chopper, but that should have been BlazinDei’s kill as his rocket hit first, and then mine finished it off.


I wasn’t going to go online as it had been a 4am finish the night before and I was really quite tired, but the Tiny Terror didn’t give in until 11.30pm and I was wanting to get the above video sorted. So while that rendered I went online and joined Mike in a game of Rush. Laguna Presa defending, the attackers had lost their impetus and so that was a win. And the continuing games were wins too. Almost backed out of a game on Valparaiso because someone on our team was attempting to blow the MComs using C4. I don’t have a problem with that as a last ditch tactic where you’re fighting tooth and nail for every inch of advancement, but not when you’ve still got over 70 tickets. Top tip: you can’t drive a tank through the water to the second base, it chucks you out then blows up.

Defending on Isla Inocentes Redd_Dragons joined us and we stopped them at Base Three, eventually having a go in the Hind and just generally blowing stuff up. I also had a go on the belly gun and discovered that even if you hit someone square in the face with that thing you only get a hit marker! No matter, when we got shot down a grenade finished the job.

When the vid had finished rendering it was defending Port Valdez and I was torn as to whether to play or call it a night (uploading to YouTube kills my connection anyway)… I decided to play it as I enjoy defending there. The first thing was deforestation again. The snipers don’t like that. They showed their displeasure in many meaningful ways from angry UAV’s to ineffective mortar strikes. By the time they finally got me and the heavy MG there were no trees left. This meant that they could not get out of their spawn, their tanks were destroyed as soon as they came in to view and half the team were up the hill too. It was rout.

I’d suggest to anyone who attacks on Port Valdez, if you don’t take Base One within a couple of minutes and there is anyone on the construction heavy MG you need to spawn as an engineer and take it out decisively. As always, don’t rely on someone else taking the initiative.

Thanks for the games peeps.

Oh, and my W/L is now in the positives, and KD recovered very slightly.

Peas and loaves

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4 thoughts on “Game Results 26/27-06-2010

  1. The bad guys in Onslaught do actually flank. On the second flag in Isla, in the village, if given the chance they’ll go behind the house across the road from the flag and reappear behind the flag. Every time.

    It’s a pity DICE didn’t add more paths for the AI bots to follow. it’s becoming annoyingly predictable too quickly.

    I think we’ve become too used to the madness of online play against humans, unfortunately. Must link to your review from my post today.

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  3. Great playing with you guys, we stopped them fairly handedly. Oh, and I turned my mike up just for you! haha

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