Pay to Play Call of Duty? GTFO!

If you’ve got nine minutes and eight seconds to spare, watch this video:

If you haven’t the time, allow me to run down the important bits.

– some Head Douche at Infinity Ward Activision thinks that Call of Duty fans are just itching to get hold of a paid subscriber based Call of Duty title……. Oookay, I’m not sure which fans he’s spoken to. But it’s usually not a good idea to believe the people in the boardroom who are paid to nod in agreement at everything you say: “Right guys, what do you think of this… what about if we charged a monthly subscription for Call of Duty?”
“Wow boss, that’s the best idea I’ve ever heard!”

I know most of you regular readers here are also Call of Duty players of various longevity, so how about you tell me how good an idea it is:

– Microsoft Post-Natal (Knect) and Sony Move are a feeble attempt at snaffling some of Nintendo’s glory and basically suck to everyone but the most casual of gamers.

– Playstation+ is a pointless waste of money. Although the idea that it’ll die is probably incorrect. It’s more likely the first step to charging for the service completely in the same way as XBL. I reckon once they hit about 30% uptake the subscriber only switch will be announced.

I must start wearing my tinfoil hat more often. It’s as if Thingy-ma-bob in the video has been looking directly inside my head. Damn you alpha waves *shakes fist in general direction of the intertubes*.

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7 thoughts on “Pay to Play Call of Duty? GTFO!

  1. A monthly subscription for the CoD series would most likely generate even more money for Activision, judging by the number of pseudo-fps fans who already pay 60$ yearly for the new CoD games and who are now willing to pay 15$ for every 3 new maps Infinity Ward designs…

    Activision will go wherever the money takes them, so let’s hope this isn’t the future of first-person shooters…

    • Whoops, Activision, yeah, not Infinity Ward – it was late when I wrote that.

      I can’t even comprehend how they can possibly think that it would be a good idea. Things like WoW and Second Life are popular because you can grow and develop your character(s) through the time you invest in it. I can’t really see that translating to FPS.

      I for one won’t be paying a subscription to play a game, especially an FPS (surprise, yeah, I know – shocker!).

  2. People seem to be up in arms about this but I think everyone just needs to calm down and look at this a little more closely. Some are connecting this pay to play concept with upcoming games like Black Ops and MW3 and thinking that they are going to have to pay for multiplayer in those games. I think these people are making a huge baseless leap in this connection. I believe the multiplayer in those games will continue to be free for the foreseeable, or I guess I should say they will continue to be as ‘free’ as they are now.
    There is however a third game in the Call of Duty franchise currently being developed by newly formed Sledgehammer Games that is untitled currently and is being called an ‘action/adventure’ game. One also has to remember that Activision owns Blizzard which makes WOW. I assume they are going to leverage resources from WOW and COD into some sort of FPS RPG MMO type thing and this is going to be the pay to play game. I’m guessing Activision believes with a game like this they can draw in WOW and COD fans which would be huge if they can do it, however I have my doubts about whether such a thing is even possible.
    Its interesting that this topic is all of a sudden being talked so much now. The rumors about this are at least a year old if not two years old at this point.
    I guess I should point out I’m not calling you out Dave as making these poor assumptions about this topic, reading over what I wrote I realized it may come across like that. I’m more referring to the guy in the video you linked to as well as many of the ‘famous’ (stupid) youtubers who have addressed this topic very poorly in some of their videos.
    In closing Playstation Plus, what a joke, Sony continues to impress me with their ability to make poor decisions at every turn.

    • Unlike many people out there I don’t expect everyone to agree with me so no worries, ‘calling out’ or not. I’d rather visitors here feel they can have a counter view point and express it. Fanboys and Yes-men are for the likes of WoR.

      But back on the topic – I’m not really sure how they can successfully combine FPS and RPG. Are they thinking something like Oblivion, but with guns?

      It’ll be interesting to see how well it does/fails as gamers tend to be pretty much genre specific with cross-over titles being notoriously weak on gameplay and sales.

      • Oblivion, I hadn’t really considered a game like that, mostly because I’ve attempted to forget that I ever played that game. It was one of the first games I bought for my 360. I had about 60 hours played and was only 5% complete. It was at that moment that I realized Oblivion was not the game for me.

        That said, the Oblivion comparison sounds about right in terms of how I could see the game play working. I think they would then add elements from WOW, you’ll have to clan up with other players to go on spec ops missions or something along the lines of the way raids work in WOW.

  3. Theres no way I would pay more than what i’m paying at the minute to play Call of Duty online. Dont’t get me wrong I love them online and have twenty something days in both mw1(cod4)and mw2 even more on Activisions Call Of Duty 3 but this sounds like a bad idea no matter what way you look at it…..

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