Game Results 02-7-2010

When I eventually got on line last night it was just after midnight. I’d missed Donncha by about five minutes and I think that Mike was on his way offline when I sent him a message.

We joined a game of Rush along with drunkindunkin and his pal t1(?), but it wasn’t particularly fun as despite my skill level going down (?) it placed me in a game against a couple of level 50s. It seems that arseholes with C4 are everywhere at the moment so when we got to be on the attack we decided to get our own back with the anti-tank mines on Port Valdez. Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance as they mounted an effective defence before the game dumped everyone back at the menu (what… host migration?).

After a couple of games Mike called it a night and I checked to see what other people were up to as I’d had some invites from other people during the course of the evening. Eventually I joined Cardsnumber7 who was playing with and against a load of his subscribers. I don’t know if the lobby was completely full of his subs but we definitely didn’t have an easy time of it, narrowly losing on attack on Arica Harbour at the last base, but winning on defense on the third.

One thing that I am getting fed up with – other than C4 arseholes – is this:

Level 50
Magnum Ammo

Seriously? They get to level 50 and are still running the Tryhard Easymode kits? I know I harp on about playing the game how you like, but by the time you get to level 50 you should be of a sufficiently advanced skill level where you don’t need to strap on the most powerful combo you can find. Sure, if things are going badly switch it up, but straight from spawn? Still, it was nice getting the opportunity to blow them away with the F2000 and later the AUG.

Don’t know how my stats are doing, probably rubbish. I’ll have to check the battletracker thing at the end of this post once it’s posted.

Peas and loaves

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4 thoughts on “Game Results 02-7-2010

  1. You didn’t miss anything in our games. Lost every single last one of them. I left the last game in disgust after the attackers destroyed the first 2 crates with anti-tank mines. Grrrr.

    It’s amazing the number of medics toting M60s now. I swear there’s more now than ever before. I’ll freely admit I use the AN-94 but my aim sucks and my trigger finger isn’t that fast. I swear I pumped the enemy full of lead only to watch the killcam and they’ve got 85% health.

    • It’s getting beyond. I never thought I’d get the hump so much over something so bloody stupid. At the moment it seems like if you can’t beat them, join them. But I don’t actually like either the M60 or AN94 that much. Bah humbug!

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