Weeklyish Update #12


Five people have unsubscribed from my channel on YouTube. No idea why. Sometimes people leave messages like “u suck unsubbed”, but so far I got nuthin’. Subs are currently at 240-odd which is cool. I’ve still got no plans to go a’pimpin’ o’ t’channel. However, I’m not going to turn down any opportunities that may come my way.

The ladies have obviously found pastures new as well:

This is actually a bit of an odd stat as 2% is the least lady attention my channel has ever had. However, an alleged honest to good real live gamer girly has subscribed to my channel today (but we all know there are no women on the interwebs…).

While looking at Colin’s channel (who has a dual commentary up with Geoff at the moment) I noticed that fistycajigglypuff had posted the same query to his channel as to mine after coming across my Wigs Alienates Subscribers thread (that he then used in an attempt to manufacture some drama)….. Yeah, I can see the confusion…. it’s not like my channel name is in the header, or a link to my channel embedded in every post…. or even the address to this blog on my YouTube channel page….. Well done Miss Marple….

I’ll refrain from going off on one about how he’s an attention seeking hypocritical drama whore who believes his own hype and just stick to calling him thick for now.


Currently, if I didn’t have tidy people to squad up with I wouldn’t bother with BFBC2. C4 arseholes blowing MComs and high rank players whoring M60/AN-94 with Magnum Ammo are ruining the game for everyone. I know I say play the game how you like, don’t handicap yourself and go for the objective, but at least do it in the spirit of the game! Running the same Tryhard Easymode kit every game must get very boring. It would bore the crap out of me!

In the pipes

Blog-wise I’ve got a Kontrol Freeks FPS review in the offing, videos: Squad Rush commentary, Quickscoping thingy (yeah, I know, I’ve been saying that for weeks), and Tracer Gun Usage tips. Can’t give a timescale as to when they’ll be out or in what order, but they will be definite releases.

Posts since last update:


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