Battlefield 1943

If this was a review, it would be a year out of date. Which is fine if in July 2009 you either stumbled across a tear in the fabric of space and time which catapulted you forward one year, or, due to an unfortunate intersection of events and circumstances you lapsed in to a coma. If either of those events describes you RIGHT NOW then firstly, welcome to my blog, and secondly…. Germany beat England in the World Cup ending their dreams of a re-run of 1966.

Otherwise – here’s the diddley-oh: Battlefield Bad Company 2 has been destroying my soul. Well, not the game, that would be silly, and would probably require a different ESRB classification if that actually did happen. But if you’ve been following this blog over the past week or so you’ll know that certain aspects of the game and gameplay have been really dinking my dangler.

I’d previously played the demo of BF1943 and thought it was acceptable. It’s definitely not the best game ever made, but for a tenner it provides two things – 1: it’s not BFBC2 and 2: getting it allows me to get veteran status on BFBC2 so the next time I play that I can use the M1 Garand.

But the game itself: it’s pretty cool. It’s FPS Lite. But you’ve vehicles and shooting people in the face so it’s pretty cool. The graphics are like something from the Wii and there are no voice comms which kind of makes being able to squad up with your friends a bit pointless. There’s not really any team work. You capture flags to win before your tickets run out like in Conquest on BFBC2 (without the spawn killing) – the easiest way I’ve found to do that is to avoid your team and go for the flag that has the least activity around it.

The only niggles are that it can be a bit lagtastic at times, and sometimes when you choose to spawn at one of your flags you spawn in the middle of a load of enemy/bomb strike/tank attack. For a fun diversion from the more ‘serious’ BFBC2 it is excellent.

Peas and loaves

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