FPS…. on the Wii!? And bonus clip

Warning: the title of this post is a little bit misleading in order to make you want to read it. Much like the headlines for pretty much every news story on the BBC News website is sensationalised in attempt to make the stories seem more interesting than they actually are.

Talking of the news (quick off-topic) only a couple of days after Steve Jobs told people not to hold the iPhone funny, Apple announce that there is a fault in the way the iPhone4 displays the signal strength. I’ve seen videos comparing the problem on the iPhone4 with the iPhone3 and it is obvious that this “explanation” is bullshit.

I’d also like to point out that if Apple did not have such a fanatical following Steve Jobs would have been strung from a lamp post by his tongue by now for being so disrespectful to people with genuine gripes and questions about Apple products (Example 1: Q: Why are Apple products more expensive in the UK than anywhere else in the world? SJ: You need to educate yourself on the costs of providing products and services to the UK. Example 2: Q: Why does the iPhone4 lose signal when I hold it like this? It never happened with the previous model…. SJ: Don’t hold it like that then!) I like Apple, I cut my editing teeth with Apple machines, but Steve Jobs is a complete tosser.

But back on topic…. FPS on the Wii. I don’t care for the Wii very much. I get disappointed whenever I turn it on, although I did play Just Dance at Nintendo Fanboy Mike’s house the other week and it was pretty good fun, but I digress AGAIN. Now, Donncha has mentioned before that he played an FPS on the Wii and I can’t remember if it was World at War, or one of the Resident Evil games (I’m sure you’ll let me know, won’t you D?) and he really enjoyed it.

Now SeaNanners has posted a vid of his flawless gameplay of World at War on the Wii. He’s recently been posting some content of Wii games and has been looking for the oddest titles he could find. But so far the oddest has been Cooking Mama, which isn’t actually that odd – my daughter has it on the DS. If he wants to play a REALLY odd game then he should try Trauma Centre – Second Opinion. That is one crazy Japanese title that only crazy Japanese people can truly understand. And the acting is awful too. Maybe I should do a let’s play of it….

Anyway – without further ado…. take it away SeaNanners:

And the bonus clip. This isn’t my clip. It’s from Bobby TheMoodieSwede. I’m not going to say too much about it, I just thought it was funny, especially in regard to a game that Mike and I played a week or so ago (make sure you have the audio on for this one):

Peas and loaves

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2 thoughts on “FPS…. on the Wii!? And bonus clip

  1. Yup, it was WAW on the Wii. I still have it. Loved it. Much the same as the Xbox 360 version but the graphics aren’t quite as fancy and it doesn’t have the boat section in it which is no harm IMO.

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