I Can Has Technologies

Yeah yeah yeah, Facebook is like sooooo 2008. But come on, you should all know that it takes me a while to catch on to what the cool kids are up to. Actually, I created a Facebook account so I could reply to the guys at KontrolFreek who posted a link the FPSFreek Review that I did the other day.

I thought that while I was at it I’d make a page to go with the Twitter account that I don’t use. The problem I have with Twitter and Facebook is that I don’t being limited on how many characters I can use to post a message. I rly dnt wnt 2 b makin posts like dis cos I h8 this shorthand bs. So I’m not really sure what will be happening with the Facebook page – if I get 25 “fans” (ugh, how egotistical is that!) on there I can change the url to something a bit more user friendly. At the moment, if you want to view it, it is – http://www.facebook.com/pages/evaDlivE-MrCheapKills/134141826617561.

I’ve linked it to YouTube, so if you’re interested in what/when I upload or like/subscribe to someone else’s stuff then hit me/it up. If you’ve got any ideas what I should use Facebook for other than telling people when I change my socks, or when the dog makes a funny face (like everyone else does) then pop it in the comments below – or show your tech prowess by posting it on Facebook!

And here’s a button thingy if you’d rather click a button thing. That’s if you feel like clicking anything at all….

Lastly I just linked Facebook to Twitter soooo, hmmmm I don’t know – I think Twitter is probably going to be a mess. Facebook/Twitter/Here – what do you prefer? Do you care? Really, the main effort is going to be this blog and the channel.

Peas and loaves

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