Quick Game Results 11-07-2010

Had a quick couple of games earlier with Mike, Tyewebb, and Donncha. It must be the weekend that brings out the C4 arseholes. Donncha had to go and I followed when me Mam arrived at the house to drop of my eldest. Once she left I popped back on just in time to see Mike and Tye log off to watch the football (which is just going in to half an hour extra time….). I decided I was going to play, but I wasn’t interested in really putting much effort in as I was looking to get some more bronze weapon awards. Niko joined the game on another squad but as I was unable to tell him I wasn’t really playing he soon got fed up of sitting in the tank with me at the spawn while I shot in the direction of Alpha on Arica Harbour.

I cracked out the sniper gear (Recon class is missing the most bronzes) but my heart wasn’t really in it and ultimately the team ran out of tickets. Not really surprising to be honest as the weekend is turning in to the worst time to play BFBC2.

Also – is anyone else having trouble with lag on BF1943? I had a quick game the other day and on the normal mode it was merely lagtastic, but on Air Supremacy (the first time I’d played that game mode) it was superduperlagtastic! I was lagging everywhere and so where the other players, or maybe it was just me, either way it was poo.

Hopefully I’ll get on later tonight and do a bit better.

Peas and loaves

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4 thoughts on “Quick Game Results 11-07-2010

  1. I played one or two games of BF1943 the other day. It wasn’t laggy but the sound was choppy. It was weird.

    I prefer playing during the week. I’m too exhausted from family commitments at the weekends anyway! Games are busier at the weekend though.

  2. By some miracle we ended up winning that game against those C4 using bastards on Valparaiso. They made it all the way to the 4th base on us but our team managed to put up enough of a fight to hold them there.

    Football? I was watching a soccer game.

    • When I went back on later I tried joining your game, but the server was full. I ended up whoring the recon kit with Blazingdei. And although I was a filthy sniper I actually used the recon kit properly – mortar strikes, loads of spotting, motion mines and the occasional kill.

      Soccer? Never heard of it. Is that some crazy American game? But Spain won the Football World Cup…. ;-p

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