Game Results(ish) 12-07-2010

I was joined by BlazingDei and briefly Jhishan (sp?) last night. I was being a filthy sniper as I’d posted previously. We were attacking on Arica Harbour and I stuck myself in some really far out places. I spotted many an enemy and laid on supporting mortar strikes because that’s the kind of heroic filthy wookiee I am.

BlazingDei even got called a “Filthy Scrub” or something like that for being the nemesis of some completely filthy sniper who liked to hang about in our base on Arica.

However, my ninja Wookiee skills came in to their own when we were defending on Valparaiso. Base one and two were taken (including someone with an AN-94/Magnum Ammo/4x outsniping those of who were sniping…..) but base three would not be quite so easy for them. In fact they would eventually find it impossible to get out of their spawn. This was because I moved through the water and up the hill behind their base (base 2) and from there spotted the hell out of them, mortared their vehicles and sniped them in the back of the head until they ran out of tickets. I got the bronze star on the GOL with the game winning kill!

Unfortunately, and during I think it was Arica, my internet connection dropped out. But it was 1am anyway so I logged back in, let Blazing know what had happened and called it a night.

Then this afternoon while everyone else had a nap I hopped on for a couple of games. Sully19 sent me an invite so I joined his squad and we played some Squad Rush. I think we played three rounds, winning two and losing one (not counting the round it spawned us in to with the siren blaring on the final MCom before we’d even started!). I’m not a fan of squad rush, but it was quite fun. I was running about with the AEK to piss the AN-94 players off and even had the shotgun attachment on which I got a couple of kills with.

Hope to get on tonight at some point. Probably about 11.30pm for an hour….hopefully.

Peas and loaves

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4 thoughts on “Game Results(ish) 12-07-2010

  1. Hey david, its BlazinDei here, (not BlazingDei) lol but you’re actually a really good recon player. Too bad about you being disconnected at the end we worked well as a 2 man squad.

    Peas and loaves

    • Okay, no ‘g’. What does BlazinDei mean btw?

      It was good squading up with you. Thankfully I’ve only got a couple of recon guns to go through and then I’ll be back to normal. I don’t like being a wookiee.

      I don’t know what happened to my connection, it happened again yesterday afternoon – never had a drop out in all the time I’ve been online before.

  2. well, Blazin sounds cool in my opinion and Dei is the first three letters of my first name, Deion. (the i is silent)

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