The Mighty AEK

Regular readers will know that I’ve been getting frustrated with the AN-94/M60 Magnum Whores in BFBC2 – well, that and other stuff. But weapon whoring is up in the top three of things that get on my wick in game. Lately I’ve been running whacky loadouts and using guns that are considered “bad” such as the F2000 and AEK. In most cases, one on one, these guns will lose against an AN-94 or M60. But that’s only if you play fair/stupid. If you get the drop on someone – “SURPRISE! BITCHES!”, shoot people in the back, or employ other pain in the arse tactics you can use these “rubbish” guns to great effect.

And it’s good to see other people taking the ‘screw you’ option. DEVASTAT10NZ is not only running the AEK, but smoke as well…..

NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

Peas and loaves

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6 thoughts on “The Mighty AEK

  1. AEK, Is probably my favorite weapon in BFBC2, just because of the fact that it doesn’t have that much recoil and it has a great fire rate and decent knock down power.

    • If you’re happy with the AN-94 then stick with it. The AN-94 whores I’m on about are the twitch kids who don’t need any help pwning noobs but use it anyway. I just get bored using the same gun….. even during a match 😀

      • Tried the AEK tonight but got murdered Usual games – C4ing and rockets fired on the base from afar. One guy even planted C4 on his own crate to stop us. Grrr.

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