Okay, this is my tally for the Bronzes on BFBC2. You get oodles of points for getting 25 kills with each of the weapons. I have most of them, and over the past couple of days I’ve decided to go for it. I’ve been inspired to it by Mike’s swearathon while he’s been going for the bronzes. Once I get the Recon kits out of the way my ‘F’ per minute may go below 60, but until the SVU is gone it’ll stay at around 100 FPM.

So here’s the list of what I need (I’m pretty sure I’ve done the handguns – I’ll have to check in the game – but EA.com is showing them as no bronze):


SVU – 3 kills needed
M95 (Spectact) – 14 kills needed


UMP (Spectact) – 19 kills needed (this is wrong)

All Kits:

Saiga 20k Semi – 15 kills needed
SPAS-12 Combat – 7 kills needed
USAS-12 Auto – 19 kills needed
M9 Pistol – 5 kills needed
MP-443 Grach – 13 kills needed
MP-412 Rex – 13 kills needed (I’m pretty sure I’ve got bronze on this…)
M93R Burst – 2 kills needed
WWII M1A1 Thompson – 24 kills needed (bullshit – thanks for that glitch DICE!)
WWII M1 GARAND – 25 kills needed….. yup

Peas and loaves

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