Game Results 13-07-2010

Conquest…. When I finally got online last night I joined Mike’s game and he was playing Conquest in search of the flag defender pin. It was Mike and I and I think two randoms. Now my previous experiences of Conquest amount to the game being the bastard child of SDM and SpawnCampathon. So when we hit Laguna Presa we took all three flags I was a little surprised to find that everyone had disappeared. Not out of the game, just out of the battle area.

Turns out that once you’ve captured all the flags you can then move as a team to the enemy spawn and spawn kill the crap out of them until they run out of tickets. It’s a despicable practise and should be frowned upon by everyone….. but it’s also quite fun to be the team dishing out the pain. I’d flanked all the way to the left and was perched fairly high up on the hill over looking their base, so technically I was the biggest bastard going.

Mike had to call it a night after that one, but as I’m still going for the bronze stars I thought I’d stay on for one more match. Sulley19 joined me in a squad with two randoms and I told him my bronze plan. The map was Arica Harbour and the game took ages. We spent most of the time in the attack helicopter and tank. I’m glad that Sulley is pretty good as a chopper gunner because although I can fly it fairly well (Geoff will be pleased to know) I can’t shoot for shit.

Then this afternoon I got on for a couple of hours. Still in pursuit of the the Bronze stars. With only the M24, SVU and Spectat M95 to get on the Recon kit (as well as a couple of shotguns) I thought I’d concentrate on the M24 and SVU. After a fairly average game of SDM, Sulley messaged me so I created a squad – made it clear that I was going to be a filthy sniper and we headed to Rush on Arica Harbour.

I finally got the bronze star on the M24, but I also got my head drilled out by a guy who must have spent a good 2-3 minutes flanking my position – well done that chap. I had expected a bit more teabagging from him in the killer cam, but he settled for some drill waggling instead. Incidentally, I noticed that even though YOU may be teabagging someone’s corpse until your nuts fall off, the other person only sees you doing squats as their body is not visible in their view.

Gary joined the game towards the end of Arica, but despite a squad invite he ended up on the other team as our side was full. But on Laguna Presa defending he was in the squad. I’d switched up to the SVU with red dot sight. Wow, what a shit gun. And I don’t mean ‘Itz da sh1t!’ – I mean it’s shit shit, not street shit. At least with the VSS you run and gun with it spray style, but this….. it takes at least 2-3 bullets to kill and the trigger spam speed is so slow that your team mates tend to mop up any kills you’re going for by the time the SVU has finished farting in your targets direction. Worse still is using it as a sniper rifle – the enemy have to be fairly feckless to stand still long enough for you to plug them in the face more than once. This gun really is pants – it’s rubbish as a sniper rifle, it’s rubbish for use as assault.

Anyhoo, Gary had to go, and I thought I’d stick around to see if I could get enough kills to get bronze with it on Isla Inocentes….. a whole round on defense and I still have three kills to get with it! Stupid gun!

So be warned, if I’m on with anyone later be prepared for some swearing and general grumbling while I struggle to squeeze three more kills out of the SVU.

Peas and loaves

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5 thoughts on “Game Results 13-07-2010

  1. Haha, I wasn’t planning on playing (still sorting out some bugs here at this time of night!) but I might just go on for that. First Mike, then you! haha 🙂

    • I won’t be on until 11pm at the earliest (after Big Brother). At the very least I want to swear my way to bronze on the SVU. It’s only three kills. How hard can it be?…….

  2. I’m feeling your pain and hearing your swearing. The sniper rifles were the worst for me and the T88 and SVU were the worst guns and not forgeting the F2000. After the snipers it sort of easy but next is getting all your pins which is fun and I done last night, thank you thank you. Good luck and hopefully see you online tonight a bit early this time.

    • I didn’t find the F2000 that bad – although I remember Nelson Bay when you were using it. The Type88 bronze I got before I started playing with you guys when I was whoring SDM. Had a lot of success with it on Laguna Presa.

      As I posted to Donncha above, it’ll be 11pm at the earliest for me 😦

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