Let’s Be Clear

This is a fairly difficult post to word. It’s a serious post as this is actually something that I regard to be very important in any community.

I’m not always right. In a lot of cases I don’t know better than you. And without exception I do not think I’m better than you. ‘You’ is you the reader, regardless of who you are. Your job here is to let me know if/when you think I’m wrong/mistaken/an arsehole.

I don’t get in a huff, I don’t get offended, and I certainly don’t think any the less of people who disagree with me. Just be constructive.

I hope you’re here because you find the stuff I write entertaining. I hope that my opinion, even if you disagree with it, is something of value. And I hope that in posting this it’ll make you all truly understand that I welcome and value your opinion/input.

There are going to be times where we’ll have to agree to disagree. Especially where opinions are concerned. You can’t really argue against an opinion, only present your own view.

If for some reason you feel that you don’t want to post a comment or respond to something I post on here then send me a Private Message on YouTube. Private messages are just that: private.

Peas and loaves

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