Eldabronzo (Game Results 14-07-2010)

By the time I got on I’d just missed Donncha and Mike. Formed up with TyeWebb and Sulley19 who then invited one of his friends so we had a full squad. We started on Rush on Atacama as I hadn’t played that map and I was STILL trying to get the SVU bronze.

After an incredibly painful start I got it HOO-BLOODY-RAY! Only the M95 Spectact left on recon, but after a little while on Isla Inocentes I couldn’t put the squad through the pain of me being a filthy sniper any longer so swapped up. It looked like we were going to lose it on base 2 attacking, but all of a sudden, with only Bravo left the whole team just pushed up and the base was taken. Running smoke and the M16 we quickly took the third base.

Then Nelson Bay….. wait, where are the attackers? At the start there were eleven-ish of us versus three attackers so we played ‘let’s shoot the parachutes out of the sky’. Honestly, we weren’t very good at it. I was using the Spas-12 (to get the bronze) with slugs and magnum. After a while it was getting boring, but then they broke through and more people joined and so it all hotted up.

Eventually at the last base they took Bravo (the one in the big building) and I was CAMPING in Alpha. I wasn’t maintaining a strategically important position, noooo I was camping like a boy scout at a Jamboree and the enemy were marshmallows waiting to be roasted on the end of my Spas-12. Eventually they stopped making the full frontal attack as a face full of buckshot doesn’t taste nice so their engineers stood on the ridge behind Grandma’s House and fired rockets at the MCom.

So I thought I’d join them. After cleaning them out once, I was just sat up there shooting at the flankers when suddenly there was a rocket fired over my head. Previously one of our engineers was next to me, but when I turned around it was one of the enemy – right next to me. I relieved him of his dogtags and then a couple of tickets later and we were victorious.

Got the handgrenade gold pin for 100 kills tonight too!

Eldabronzo Update:


M95 (Spectact) – 12 kills needed


UMP (Spectact) – 18 kills needed

All Kits:

Saiga 20k Semi – 15 kills needed
SPAS-12 Combat – DONE
USAS-12 Auto – 19 kills needed
M9 Pistol – 5 kills needed
MP-443 Grach – 13 kills needed
MP-412 Rex – 13 kills needed
M93R Burst – 1 kills needed
WWII M1A1 Thompson – 24 kills needed
WWII M1 GARAND – 25 kills needed

Peas and loaves

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17 thoughts on “Eldabronzo (Game Results 14-07-2010)

  1. Wow, such a difference. You just missed us by a few minutes then. Well, here I am at 6:19am and this is the reason I left. Knew I’d be up early!

    • I checked playstation.com first and saw you guys on, but by the time I got on I’d missed you by about five minutes.

      Up early this morning too – not as early as you, but not far off.


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  3. Morning all
    Just a quick one david, you don’t need to get the spectra guns to get the all bronze star insignia. You just need the standard guns. That should save you some time 🙂

  4. Just on your stats page and you only need 4 guns to complete the insignia. They are saiga shotgun, Thomson, M1 and USAS Auto shotgun. That can be done by the weekend no problem

    • I thought it was strange that it was showing me the bronze star on the guns but then giving a number to the next award which makes up 25.

      So – woohoo! Only four guns to go (although it should be three as I’ve gotten more than 25 kills with the Thompson – so I’ll leave that one until last).

      Probably won’t be on tonight – got to have an early night.

  5. The EA site can’t be trusted, it doesn’t count the stars right, either go by the in game stars or use bfbcs.com and their next events option to show what stars you are close to. Mike is right about the spec kits as well, I didn’t need them either. I’m also not sure about the M1, I don’t think it counts towards the bronze star insignias either since not everyone will have it.

    If you are going to tackle the vehicle stars here’s a tip on water craft stars. Park a jet ski somewhere and sit on the back of it and shot people, these kills count as water vehicle kills. Doing this you’ll easily get the water craft bronze star, the naval warfare pin and will help towards the all vehicle bronze stars insignia.

    • Thanks for the tips, I’ll have to see how I feel after the Bronze Quest as to whether I purposely go for specific pins.

      Incidentally, did you try the spinning thing last night? While were in the A house on Nelson Bay I thought I’d try it just to see…. and when I stopped to confirm it I turned around and there was Sulley19 doing the same thing.

      • What was the spinning thing? I remember hearing some discussion about spinning around helping you do something faster, I think. But I was pretty tired last night and my feeble mind couldn’t follow along.

    • Sulley19’s pal said that when you spin around it gets faster until you hit “top speed” (unlike MW2 where your turn speed is fixed). So when I was in ‘A’ I thought no one was there so gave it a go. As I was saying on the mic “yeah it does get faster” I turned around and there was Sulley whizzing round like a top next to the MCom.

      It was one of those funny moments. A lucky enemy grenade would have been perfection, but I think it was still 5 v 3 at that point.

    • You beat me to that tip. But you do need the M1 for the bronze star insignia because I have looked at other peoples pins and people who have all weapons apart from the M1 don’t have then bronze star insignia
      The jet ski one worked for me on isla. That is the best place but you don’t get the marksmanship points thought just the 60 points for the kill and head shot

      • I’m thinking of getting that pin by using the AN-94/Magnum (BOOOOO…) and 4x scope. I had quite good success sniping at the orange triangles on base 2 on Isla using the M16 the other night from the road by base 1.

      • I think it’s best to use the M24 on Isla on the back of mikes island to kill them on base two. I can till you how much drop and you should be able to do it in one match. With a good KD Hopefully.

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