Weeklyish Update #13

Uh-oh #13, and it’s not even very weekly either – the last weeklyish update being the 2nd of July. But on the subject of 13 and it’s luck connotations – apparently 13 being associated with being unlucky and more specifically Friday the Thirteenth being a particularly inauspicious date stems from the day that King Philip of France ordered the rounding up, torture and destruction of The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, or the Templar Knights if you prefer. Not a good day for them. Although it was a handy way for good old Phil to get out of paying his debts to the order.

I’m not superstitious. I’m writing this, sitting under a ladder, indoors opening and closing an umbrella while throwing a black cat at some mirrors. (I just hope Jason Voorhees isn’t reading this – he seems to take Friday 13th VERY seriously….)

So without further ado and random digressions – what’s been going on?


Three hundred and something subscribers. So far I’m still able to post a thankyou to each new subscriber and I’m going through my subscriber list to add them as friends on YouTube. I have had one person send me a message asking why I sent them a friend request so this must be quite unusual for someone to do…. I’m going through the subscribers list oldest to newest, so if I haven’t sent you a friend request so far on YouTube then you can either expect one over the next week or so (YouTube only lets you send a couple at a time), or you can help me out and send me a friend request on there.

Talking of YouTube friend requests. Someone who had subscribed to me (and remains subscribed) sent me a friend request and also posted the following comment to my channel: “yo why do you play battle field its just a fake ass version on call of duty you know that right. all these other games out there are fake trying to copy all of the call of duty game.“. Erm….. okay. Most people won’t have seen it as I don’t leave comments on my channel that are likely to piss people off or cause trolletry.

Through the related vids section I found another UK commentator (Coynosham) just days before he was featured on Colin’s channel. Talking of Colin/oplim77, as well as recently joining StoneFaceLock as part of the DCRU, he’s also just passed the 1,000 subscribers mark and included Donncha and I in a shout out for featuring some of his vids on our blogs – which was cool.

I know you’re all itching to know what the lady-of-a-certain-age count is on the YouTube channel. Currently it’s sitting at….. 10%.

Oh yeah, and another YouTube thing. While going through my subs list I found out that TyeWebb has a decent channel. How come you never mentioned that before? I felt quite neglectful when I found your channel.


It’s been a bit erratic over the past week. I’ve been on the past couple of nights going for the bronzes, so I’ve been for the most part missing out joining Donncha and Mike 😦 One problem with BFBC2 is the squad sizes. In general I arrange to go online with Mike and Donncha, so that only leaves one space on the squad. This can be problematic as I tend to get invites and requests from people on my friend list who’ve come from YouTube. You don’t have to be a maths genius to realise that one slot doesn’t go in to three peoples friends list very easily. Whenever there is a space I always try to invite people in, especially if I haven’t been in a squad with them before.

Optional inter-squad comms would be really useful in the game, or at the very least be able to communicate with other people in the vehicle you’re travelling in (something we were discussing the other day). Anyway, if you’re new to my friends list and you see me online feel free to send me a squad invite – if I’m on on my own then I’ll most likely join your game (maybe not straight away, I’m sometimes looking stuff up in the stats). Sometimes though it’s not possible for me to do that, but if you want to get in game with me then feel free to join the game I’m in. I sometimes get messages asking if it’s okay to join – ofcourse it is! I don’t own the internet. If you end up on the enemy team then no worries, just play as you normally would.

Cards – I don’t know if you’re in a similar situation but we need to sort something out to get a game or two together again.

And Geoff – never the twain shall meet at the moment! Move to the UK, that’ll sort the timing problems out. You know it makes sense.

But gaming, getting in squads and Geoff leads us nicely on to the next subject:


Geoff and Woody have created a site that allows gamers to get together in game. It stems from Woody’s sharing gamertag ideas on his channel and should prove useful for those gamers looking for tidy people to play with. Getting together some decent people to game with is pretty essential nowadays regardless of your age or experience. And it’s even better when you come across diamonds such as you guys that I game with regularly.

There’s been quite a large uptake already with almost 3000 peeps on there so if you’re looking to widen your gaming horizons hop on over to hupitgaming.com


Mike and TyeWebb have pointed out that I need a lot less guns/kills than I originally thought. So scratch the M95 SA, UMP SA and the handguns (got the required kills for all of them), so that only leaves:

– Saiga
– USA-12
– Thompson
– M1 Garand (maybe)

Anything else…. erm, I think that’s pretty much it. Got a couple of vids in the pipes (as always) but the issue is getting the time/peace to commentate them.

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6 thoughts on “Weeklyish Update #13

  1. David,
    Yes we’ll have to, only problem is I’m always full, or when I do have a spot and invite u. Ur always either playing with friends or something else lol.

    But I’m definitely game, and would really like to do like a dual upload from both of our perspectives on a rush game. Let me know, or maybe even a dual commentary someday.

    Also, I haven’t forgot that I still want your help with editing a video. So hopefully you haven’t forgot either lol. I really enjoy your commentary and your blog. Keep it up.


    • Probably the best thing to do is sort out two separate nights/days/evenings (stupid time zones!) – one night I join you and your regular squad, and the other night you join me and the crazy gang. We should definitely be able to get at least one decent game between us to do something with.

      And I was wondering what had happened with the editing thingy. Not to worry, I have my crayons poised and ready when you are.

  2. I guess its just not my style to talk about myself or mention things like that unless it naturally comes up. Thanks for the mention, don’t expect too much out of my channel, I just post random things that entertain me. I mostly started my channel because I got interested in video editing about a year ago and this seems like a good way to help teach myself more about it.

    • I get you. I do the same thing. Self propelled trumpets are for other people. But anyhoo, your vids on there are good. You should make more if you have the time/inclination.

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