Eldabronzo (Game Results 15-07-2010)

I wasn’t going to go on at all last night. Definitely not. No, no, no, no. I need an early night so gaming was out of the question. So I went on at about 11.30pm. There weren’t many people from my friends list on BFBC2 so it was a choice between Drunkndunkin and Cards. I’ve not been able to get in game with Cards for a while, and this was no exception – ‘Server Full’. Nevermind. So I joined Gavin’s game instead.

It was Conquest and we played a couple of rounds. Conquest is an odd game mode, and I’ll explain why when I do my Conquest commentary in the next couple of days. But the long and the short of it, it’s like a 16th century sea battle. The side that deals the most decisive offensive at the start will win unless the whole team decide to pupate into wookiees when no one’s looking.

Sulley19 joined the team on Atacama and something very very odd occurred. We were a squad of five! When you were in the action you only had four squad mates names up on the screen, but when you died you actually had four people to spawn on – very weird. Maybe that had something to do with us all being kicked from the game when we were on the brink of yet another decisive victory.

Shortly before we were all unceremoniously dumped out of the game Cards sent me a squad invite. So I decided to join his game and then see if I could invite the other guys across. Well, I joined where Cards was supposed to be, but it was all a lie. In fact it looked like a whole new game as it was three on three on Rush, so I invited Gavin and Sulley19 across. It was defending on Laguna Presa and when base 2 fell we all suspected that we were going to get steamrollered. However, that was not to be as we destroyed the bridge which only left one way for the attackers to approach from.

After the fourth enemy vehicle was turned to scrap by my anti-tank mines littering the vehicle access you’d think that they’d try a different tactic. Sure, there was one squad that kept heading up behind Bravo, but they didn’t have the support of their team. Although they did get Bravo they couldn’t get far enough in to the base to get Alpha. Sulley19 kept me loaded up with mines and by the end of the round the left hand side looked like the moon!

During one of the games Alpha016 entered the squad. He had joined my friends list via hupitgaming.com. It was cool, he just joined the squad, said hello, made the introductions and then we got down to business. Brilliant. Last game for me was defending Port Valdez.

TIMMMMMBERRRRR! Need I say more? Sulley19 started on the heavy MG while I mined the road and Alpha dished out some pain. I then went on the heavy MG taking over spotting, treefelling and killing duties. I think the enemy managed to plant on Alpha and Bravo once each as once the trees were down they could barely get out of the spawn. In desperation they started putting C4 on the UAV but it was half hearted and they soon ran out of tickets. I sent a friend request to one guy on the enemy team who I had been trading deaths with. He’s sent me a message, I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet but since he’s not on my friend’s list, nor request pending I’m guessing it’s a courteous declination of my request but congratulating me on getting his dogtags anyway 😀

So much for not going online….

Oh, and I finally got bronze on the USAS-12. Only the Saiga, Thompson and possibly the M1 to go.

Peas and loaves

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