Eldabronzo Quicky

Just a quicky (said the Bishop to the Actress) as it’s gone 3am here….ZZZZzzzzz

Read the message from the guy I sent a friend request to during the last gaming session. It read: “Go f%&@ yourself”…. Okay, doing it right now. MMMMMMMmmmmm thanks. So I replied pointing out that that message was a bit unnecessary (considering the point of the game is to kill each other!), that’s it’s just a game and thanked him for his dogtags. Complete contrast to grommyfrog who accepted my friend request after his squad and our squad beat seven bells out of each other. He’s even added some comments to the Laguna Presa vid where I spoke about him and let me know how the last crate was taken.

But tonight! Got the bronze on the Saiga and the M1A1 Thompson. Hooray….. but must need to get the Garand as I didn’t get any superduper bronze award! Bah!

Started out the evening with Cardsnumber7 and then Alpha joined. After a couple of games Cards mic went screwy and then Mike came online. I’d planned to get online with Mike earlier so I had a bit of a predicament. I decided the best thing was to squad up with Mike and Alpha as I didn’t want to leave either of them in the lurch. Cards – I hope you managed your 100 kill game, looking forward to the footage 😀

Hypermole joined us and we basically won every match we played. However, Gary, Mike, Alpha and latterly Sulley19 and I discovered the reason why people use C4 to get the MComs is because they are rubbish at the game.

If I can take them down in a one on one using the Thompson then they’re no good – I almost never win a face to face one on one. They lost anyway on the last base despite trying every single cheap and dirty trick they could think of.

Uh-oh, look at the time – I’d better get in my casket before the sun comes up!

Peas and loaves

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3 thoughts on “Eldabronzo Quicky

  1. 3am? 3.A.M? What the hell! “Daddy, why are you walking around like a zombie today?” 😉

    Sounds like you had a great time though, and sucks to be that guy you sent the FR to.

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