Eldabronzo (C4 Scrubs)

I got the bronze weapon pin thingy after having to get an additional four kills with the Saiga (thanks DICE!).. sooo – hooray!

Spent a couple of games in Conquest – not really games. If I had been on the other side I’d have quit out straight away. It really is crap that once you possess all three flags you can then just spawn kill the other team and there is literally nothing they can do about it.

Decided to have a game of Rush, but you know what, the C4 scrubs are really starting to piss me off.
AKUTOU was the C4 scrub in the last game we played. Well done pal, you really showed off your 1337 5k1LLZZzzz0rzzzz with the C4 on the MComs. Very skillful scrubby.

Had some good games up until that point.

Peas and loaves

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2 thoughts on “Eldabronzo (C4 Scrubs)

  1. Know what you mean, mate – I got in a squad of randoms the other night – all ‘happy campers’ apart from the guy who was planting C4 on the M-com – despite that we still lost – so perhaps there is some poetic justice after all. Pity there’s no way of neutralizing C4. I suppose you could get your squad to ‘baby sit’ each m-com station – but where’s the fun in that? Pity ’cause it’s a great game (though rather too addictive…!!). My latest ‘buddies’ seem to prefer conquest – so C4 doesn’t present a problem – though I still feel that rush is the better game. Tried playing in hardcore the other night – oh dear!! perhaps not. Thanks for persisting with the invites – I get a bit stuck in a squad with my latest ‘buddy’ – he’s a good sort and plays in the right spirit, plus it’s comforting to know there are players out there who are worse than me (lol!). Keep up the good work – like the vids and the music…! Seen the ‘dcru’ stuff yet?

    • If there’s just the two of you then let me know when I send you an invite as sometimes I’m either online on my own (Billy No-mates) or there’s just two of us depending on what time it is. If there’s two spots you and your buddy can join.

      As for C4 arses – I’m quite happy to pitch my tent on the MCom, but with C4 you only have to be cleaned out once and they can blow it. The only reliable way we’ve found is to prevent the enemy from being able to get to the MComs at all and that’s only possible on a couple of maps – base 3 Laguna Presa (take out the bridge, loads of anti tank mines on the left and a load of people on the right), base 3 on Isla Inocentes (smoke, mortars, heavy MG the ridge and mines in the road). Even then you have to watch out for the UAV covered in C4!

      I watched a couple of the DCRU vids, not subbed to them though as I’m subbed to their individual channels.

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